Announcing revision of ANA e-mail service from April 2015 for enhanced service that is even more convenient than before.E-mail subscribers can take advantage of the following changes.

  • *Review and edit account settings, registration, and e-mail address all on a single-screen webpage.
  • *Register e-mail addresses by ANA e-mail type.
  • - Register up to three e-mail addresses
  • - Receive optional as well as automatic e-mails

Types and Formats of ANA E-Mails

Important Notices from ANA

Notices worthy of AMC member attention include password reset, mileage redemption, and status update and so on.

  • - Automatically sent after e-mail address registration

ANA Mileage Information -Mileage Balance-

Statements (Mileage Balance, ANA SKY COIN Balance) will be sent each month by e-mail to customers who have a balance of 1 or more miles in their mileage account at the end of the previous month.
This free service allows you to keep track of your miles in a timely fashion.

  • Sample of "HTML format" mail You can confirm your total number of miles and coins at the end of the previous month, as well as the miles to be expired in the next three months. Information about benefits you can redeem your miles for, such as Flight Awards, is also included.

ANA e-mail News Japan

Important notice and latest information will be provided by ANA instantaneously.

  • You can get more information! Please subscribe Now! Special campaign updates. Useful business information. Fare reduction notices.

ANA Mileage Club

Information regarding member's status or special campaign of ANA Mileage Club.

  • sample

About the ANA E-mail Service

■Eligible customers

E-mails will be sent to ANA Mileage Club members who have registered as follows.

  • Customers who have registered their e-mail address
    • *Notices like booking updates will be sent to those who have not yet joined AMC but have registered their e-mail addresses with us.
  • Customers who have registered to receive e-mails from ANA

E-mails are sent in HTML format or text format.

  • *HTML format is the initial setting for first-time registration.
  • *E-mails may be in text format even when you select HTML.
■Receiving and unsubscribing e-mails and changing settings

Settings will be changed about two weeks after completion of registration and other procedures.

  • E-mail format readability will vary according to device types, OS, and browsers.
  • Other types of e-mails may be sent occasionally, and we may also ask you to participate in surveys at the same time.
  • Please be aware that ANA Mileage Information will be sent only in English.
    Other languages are not available.