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BUNACO is a traditional handicraft that was founded in Aomori Prefecture which made from the beauty and the strength core of beech wood, its name comes from the Japanese word, "Buna" (beech) and “~ko” (suffix that used in a dialect of Tsugaru). Modern, high quality BUNACO is widely loved.

BUNACO Nishimeya Workshop is a complex in renovated building that was used formerly as an elementary school and is equipped with shops and cafes. At the Nishimeya Factory, you can experience production of BUNACO, touching the kindness of Aomori, and you can make your own BUNACO products with your hands. There is BUNACO's showroom, called "BLESS" in Hirosaki, where BUNACO products can be purchased.


Name BUNACO Nishimeya Factory
Web Sites http://bunaco.co.jp/BUNACO_web/english.html
Address 196 Inamoto Tashiro, Nishimeyamura, Aomori
Business Hours 9:00 to 16:00 *1
*1 Reservation required for workshop experience
Inquiries TEL:0172-88-6730

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