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Onsen in South Kumamoto Area


A hot spring located inside the Ashikita Coast Prefectural Park that stretches along the picturesque rias coastline. The sodium bicarbonate saline spring has benefits for rheumatoid arthritis and nerve pain. Very close to the hot spring town is the island of Yunoko, which is linked to the mainland by a suspension bridge.

Hinagu Onsen

Weakly alkaline spring water has benefits for conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and nerve pain. The wandering poet, Santoka Taneda, stayed here and was inspired to write a poem about it. “The hot springs are good, truly good. The mountains are good, the sea is good, and I would stay longer if I could. No, I don’t ever want to leave.”

Hitoyoshi Onsen

The weakly alkaline carbonate spring water is characterized by its soft, gentle feel on the skin. Hot spring ryokan inns are located alongside Kumagawa River, offering a range of elaborate baths, including cypress baths, open-air baths, and stone baths. There are also more than 20 public baths (sento) in the city that anyone can use for a small fee. Even today, these baths are in popular use among locals as a place to relax.


Name Yunoko Onsen
Hinagu Onsen
Hitoyoshi Onsen
Website Yunoko Onsen http://go-minamata.jp/sp/yunoko-spa.html
Hinagu Onsen (No English website)http://www.hinagu.jp/
Hitoyoshi Onsen (No English website)https://hitoyoshionsen.net/
Address Yunoko Onsen Yunoko, Minamata, Kumamoto Prefecture 
Hinagu Onsen Hinagu Heisei-machi, Yatsushiro, Kumamoto Prefecture
Hitoyoshi Onsen 343-14 Nakaaoi-machi, Hitoyoshi, Kumamoto Prefecture
Access Yunoko Onsen Approx. 80 minutes by car from Aso Kumamoto Airport (by expressway)
Hinagu Onsen Approx. 50 minutes by car from Aso Kumamoto Airport (by expressway)
Hitoyoshi Onsen Approx. 75 minutes by car from Aso Kumamoto Airport (by expressway)
Inquiries Yunoko Onsen Minamata Tourism Bussan Association TEL:0966-63-2079
Hinagu Onsen Hinagu Onsen Tourist Information Center TEL:0965-38-0267
Hitoyoshi Onsen Hitoyoshi Onsen Tourism Association TEL:0966-22-1370

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