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Kikuchi Onsen

Skin-beautifying hot spring discovered by the prophecy of a white dragon

Kikuchi Onsen is a hot spring resort located in the northern part of Kumamoto Prefecture in the Kyushu region. Legend has it that a white dragon appeared amid the cloud of steam and gave a prophecy that led to the hot spring's discovery. Also known as a hot spring for beautiful skin or make-up-applied skin, the pleasant alkaline spring is also abundant in volume. Kikuchi Onsen is selected among the 100 best hot springs in Japan as an excellent resort for recuperation and relaxation.

Kikuchi Gorge in the summer

Found within the Aso-Kuju National Park, Kikuchi Gorge is blessed with pristine subsoil water flowing from the outer rim of Mount Aso, selected as one of Japan's best 100 waters. Even in the summer, the water temperature is cool at around 13 degrees Celsius. The gorge is abundant in natural beauty for every season, such as fresh greenery in the spring and rime ice flowers in the winter.

Kikuchi Gorge in the fall

Fall is especially gorgeous in Kikuchi, as the beech and maple trees become brightly colored against the backdrop of the cobalt blue mountain stream. Take a stroll on the walking path and let the natural forest covey the season through the fluffy carpet of fallen leaves and acorns under your feet and the color of the flowing waters.


Name Kikuchi Onsen
Website https://kumamoto.guide/en/spots/detail/1794
Address 1124-11 Waifu, Kikuchi-shi, Kumamoto
Access Approximately 40 minutes' drive from Aso Kumamoto Airport
Inquiries TEL: 0968-25-2926 (Kikuchi Onsen Tourist Inn Cooperative Association)

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