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Nagayu Onsen Walking Tour

Rediscover how to enjoy hot spring areas with a walking tour at Nagayu Onsen in Oita Prefecture

Enjoy a walking tour of Nagayu Onsen, a hot springs resort town in the city of Taketa, Oita Prefecture. You will savor the wonderful feeling and health benefits of the hot springs, the abundance of nature, and a healthy lunch prepared with local ingredients, allowing you to make the most of all of the charms of an onsen town - hot springs, healing, health, and food.
Nagayu Onsen, known as one of the world’s best areas of carbonated springs, is said to have major benefits in improving blood flow and metabolism, recovery from physical and mental exhaustion, and beauty. It attracts many visitors, both people seeking spa cures and tourists. Located in a mountainous region, with bucolic scenes of farms and abundant nature, the area also has many public hot spring baths. You can enjoy going around to bathe in all of these public baths and stay at one of the inns suited to long-term stays scattered around the area, where you can enjoy local cuisine.

Before the walking tour begins, you will be given a health check. The tour starts at Gozenyu. Permanently stationed specialist counselors will advise you about the best way to enjoy the baths to suit your physical condition and improve your health. The walking tour guides will suggest the safest, most effective walking route to suit the health status of the participants and their condition on the day.
Wandering the banks of the Nagayu Dam, you will leave Gozenyu and be on your way on your guided walk! As you gaze out at the splendid scenery of the Kuju Mountains and Mount Kuro and listen to the babbling of the dam lake and the sounds of the birds and insects, you will soon feel your mood changing, soothing your body and mind. Proceed a little further and you will come to the "Go Tofu Shop", which makes and sells tofu on the premises. Take a short break to sate your hunger with rich soy milk and chiffon cake.

One of the best things about this walking tour is that your guide will tell you about the natural features and history of the area, and explain the flowers and trees you discover along the way. At the power spot of Momiyama Shrine, you can indulge in some shinrinyoku, or “forest bathing,” as you pray at the shrine.
Next stop is the Colonnade drinking spring, where you can try drinking the hot spring waters, something that has long been a part of European spa treatment and Nagayu Onsen’s history. It is said that drinking the waters before meals helps to suppress rises in blood pressure.

The lunch you have been looking forward to will be centered on local organic ingredients. Extra care is also paid to the seasonings, making it a healthy lunch that is gentle on your body. The goal is the same as your starting point, Gozenyu. Here, a bath in the hot springs brings the tour to a close. If you want to find out the best way to bathe in the hot springs for you, you can seek advice at the Hot Springs Counselling Office. You can check your condition again after you have finished your bath. After the bath, rest and relax in the spacious lounge. By the time it comes to leave, you are sure to be feeling lighter in both body and mind. Why wouldn't you participate in this tour for your physical and mental health?


Name Nagayu Onsen Walking Tour
Web Sites (In Japanese) https://www.taketan.jp/healthtourism/
Address 7962-1 Nagayu, Naoirimachi, Taketa-shi, Oita
Access Approximately 1 hour drive from Yufuin IC
Inquiries TEL:0974-63-0585 (Taketa City Sightseeing and Tourism Association)
Admission Adults and children: 4,860 yen
Others Location of the Event: Gozenyu Nagayu Onsen Care and Culture Center
Period of the Event: Posted on website

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