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Kyushu OLLE Takeo Course

"Kyushu OLLE", the sister version of the "Jeju OLLE" trekking course originating in South Korea, currently has 21 courses (as of July 2018).

The "Takeo Course", the first to be certified in Japan, is a popular course that never gets tedious in which both nature and the cityscape can be enjoyed. Start from Takeo Onsen Station and finish at the historic Takeo Onsen. The way to get there is easy and many visitors come from Japan and abroad.

3,000-year-old of "Takeo-no-Okusu" (camphor tree). This 27m high ancient tree is enveloped in a place with a relaxed appearance and mysterious air and is the highlight of the Takeo Course.

Along the course, you can enjoy eating while you walk with delicious items from the local bakeries, specialty coffee shops, Japanese sweets shops, and more. For those who wish to try a delicious, quality lunch box, we recommend one with Saga Beef from Kairo-do on the Takeo Onsen Station premises, which is a "3-time consecutive Kyushu Ekiben (lunch box relay) Grand Prix champion".

At Takeo Onsen, which has about 1,200 years of history, you can relax and melt your fatigue away.


Name Kyushu OLLE Takeo course
Web Sites (In Japanese) http://www.takeo-kk.net/over/takeo.html
Address Takeo Onsen Station, 8260 Tomioka, Takeo-cho, Saga (Start Point)
Access By Car
Approximately 10 minutes from the Takeo-Kitagata IC to the start point
Please use the Takeo Onsen Station premises for the parking lot (charge applied).
Get off at Takeo Onsen Station
Inquiries TEL: 0955-51-1052 (Chinzei Town Tourist Information Center)

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