ANA COUCHii: Seats that Double as a Bed

ANA COUCHii is the first couch seat to be offered by a Japanese airline.

For an additional fee on top of the Economy Class fare, passengers can combine three or four seats to make a single couch seat. It is only available on the A380.

ANA COUCHii is recommended for families and couples.

ANA couchii image


ANA COUCHii is made up of three or four seats and can be used as a bed by raising the leg rests of the adjacent seats.

Special bedding (1 set) and seat belts (1 set) are provided for customers who purchase ANA COUCHii.


Eligible Customers

Those flying on an ANA-operated Airbus A380 aircraft between Narita and Honolulu under an ANA flight number.

Eligible Tickets

Flights tickets with a ticket number beginning with 205.

Applicable Classes (Booking Class)

Economy Class (Y, B, M, U, H, Q, V, W, S, L, K, X)

  • * Not available for reservations made on the Mexico site.


The usage fee varies depending on seasonality. Please see the Reservation Confirmation screen for the usage fee.

ANA COUCHii for four passengers

4 passengers on ANA COUCHii
Low season High season
Four seats: JPY 13,000 (USD 130) Four seats: JPY 13,000 (USD 130)

ANA COUCHii for three passengers

3 passengers on ANA COUCHii
Low season High season
Three seats: JPY 9,600 (USD 96)
Four seats: JPY 24,000 (USD 240)
Three seats: JPY 9,600 (USD 96)
Four seats: JPY 54,000 (USD 540)

ANA COUCHii for two passengers

2 passengers on ANA COUCHii
Low season High season
Three seats: JPY 20,000 (USD 200)
Four seats: JPY 56,000 (USD 560)
Three seats: JPY 50,000 (USD 500)
Four seats: JPY 176,000 (USD 1,760)

ANA COUCHii for one passenger

1 passengers on ANA COUCHii
Low season High season
Three seats: JPY 62,000 (USD 620)
Four seats: JPY 98,000 (USD 980)
Three seats: JPY 172,000 (USD 1,720)
Four seats: JPY 258,000 (USD 2,580)
  • * The fees shown here are for one sector per ANA COUCHii.
  • * Adults, older children and infants with their own seat are counted in the number of users. (Infants without their own seat are not counted.)
  • * The applicable fee for purchases that are not made on the Japan website must be made in US dollars. Please note that charges will be converted into the currency used on the website for the country or region where the request is made.

Seasonality Dates

Season Narita Departure Honolulu Departure
Low season April 1-26, 2022
May 6-July 14, 2022
September 24-December 22, 2022
January 1-March 16, 2023
April 1-27, 2023
May 4-July 13, 2023
September 1-December 21, 2023
January 1-March 21, 2024
April 1-25, 2024
May 4-July 11, 2024
September 1-12, 2024
September 20-December 4, 2024
December 7-19, 2024
January 1-March 18, 2025
April 1-30, 2022
May 9-July 15, 2022
September 4-17, 2022
September 20-23, 2022
September 26-December 31, 2022
January 9-March 19, 2023
April 1-30, 2023
May 8-July 18, 2023
September 1-December 31, 2023
January 7-March 25, 2024
April 1-30, 2024
May 7-July 16, 2024
September 1-December 10, 2024
December 14-31, 2024
January 6-March 25, 2025
High season April 27-May 5, 2022
July 15-September 23, 2022
December 23-31, 2022
March 17-31, 2023
April 28-May 3, 2023
July 14-August 31, 2023
December 22-31, 2023
March 22-31, 2024
April 26-May 3, 2024
July 12-August 31, 2024
September 13-19, 2024
December 5-6, 2024
December 20-31, 2024
March 19-31, 2025
May 1-8, 2022
July 16-September 3, 2022
September 18-19, 2022
September 24-25, 2022
January 1-8, 2023
March 20-31, 2023
May 1-7, 2023
July 19-August 31, 2023
January 1-6, 2024
March 26-31, 2024
May 1-6, 2024
July 17-August 31, 2024
December 11-13, 2024
January 1-5, 2025
March 26-31, 2025

Application and Payment

Where to Request COUCHii

Apply for COUCHii on the ANA website (excluding Mexico site) or at the ANA reservation and customer service center (by phone).

Application Period

From ticket purchase until 48 hours prior to departure.

  • * ANA COUCHii can be applied as much as 355 days prior to the departure.

Payment Method

  • Credit card
    • Alipay and China UnionPay cards can be used on the China site.
  • PayPal
    • Not available on the China, South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Malaysia or Turkey sites.

Changes and Cancellations


Changes (including seat changes) cannot be made after making a request.

* After purchase, it is not possible to switch to a different ANA COUCHii type, change users, or change the number of users.

* Customers who have made an ANA COUCHii reservation cannot change to other seats upon performing boarding procedures, including online and through check-in.

To change to a different type of ANA COUCHii, or to change the users or the number of users after purchase, you must cancel your purchase.

Upon canceling your purchase, your couch seat reservation will also be canceled. You will be able to make another application up to 48 hours prior to your flight's departure time.

Cancellations and Refunds

Request Period Where to Make Your Request Refund
From the moment the ticket purchase is completed until 48 hours prior to departure ANA website (excluding Mexico site) or ANA reservation and customer service center (by phone)

Refunds are available
The amount to be refunded will be calculated by deducting the refund charge of 50% from the total amount paid.

  • Depending on rounding off by currency, the refund amount may be less than 50%.0
48 hours prior to departure ANA reservation or customer service center (by phone) or ANA airport counters in Narita and Honolulu Refunds cannot be given
  • * If your ticket was purchased through a travel agency and you change it, or if you change your seat, your ANA COUCHii reservation will be canceled automatically.
  • * If the reservation is canceled within 48 hours of your flight's departure time, a handling fee of 50% will be deducted from the ANA COUCHii fee that you paid, and the remainder will then be refunded to you.

How to Use ANA COUCHii

  • ANA COUCHii can be used as a couch seat by pulling out the leg rests.
  • When not being used as a couch seat, it can be enjoyed as a regular seat.
  • All the armrests (excluding the aisle-side ones) can be raised to create a comfortable space.
  • Seat belts will be collected before landing. A cabin announcement will be made before the collection.


  • The Keep My Fare¬†service is not available for customers who select ANA COUCHii when making a new reservation on the ANA website. However, customers who have purchased a flight ticket with the Keep My Fare service can make a request for ANA COUCHii.
  • After requesting ANA COUCHii, it is not possible to upgrade using miles or Upgrade Points, upgrade to Premium Economy using Premium Member services, or make bids using Bid My Price. Furthermore, it is not possible to request ANA COUCHii when waitlisted for a seat class upgrade.
  • ANA COUCHii may be unavailable for certain user number combinations due to the availability of oxygen masks by seat row. Additionally, ANA COUCHii cannot be used by unaccompanied infants for safety reasons. A maximum of 2 infants can accompany each adult.
  • Customers who have made separate reservations but would like to change to ANA COUCHii are advised to contact ANA by phone.
  • If you leave the website of your credit card company or other payment company during the purchase of ANA COUCHii and have not completed your purchase procedure , "Processing" is displayed at Advance Seat Reservation screen and you will not be able to make purchases or changes through the ANA website. If you have not completed your purchase procedure, your couch seat will be deleted within one week after the seat assignment operation, so please make a application and purchase again on the ANA website.

In Case of Aircraft Changes, Delays, and Cancelations

  • Customers who are unable to use their purchased ANA COUCHii due to an aircraft change, delay, or cancellation will be refunded the ANA COUCHii fee.
  • If customers select ANA COUCHii and their seat type is changed, they will be refunded the difference of the ANA COUCHii fee.
  • * Refund procedures cannot be performed at airport counters.