In-flight Medical Support

Regarding In-flight Medical Support

To provide peace of mind to our customers, ANA provides a support system for passengers suddenly falling ill on board.

MedLink 24-hour Medical Service (International Flights)

In the event of a customer falling ill on an international flight, cabin attendants, doctors or other medical personnel on board can use the on-board radio anywhere in the world to receive the necessary medical advice 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. (ANA has a contract with MedAire, Inc., a company which provides medical advice to airlines.)

ANA Doctor on Board (International Flights)

This system allows medical practitioners who have registered in advance with ANA to cooperate in providing medical assistance on board.

If a registered doctor is on board, the cabin attendants will be able to call upon them immediately for help, thus enabling rapid emergency medical response.

You need an ANA Mileage Club number as well as a Japanese medical registration number (physician's license) to sign up for the program.

Medical Supplies Available On Board

ANA endeavors to stock its flights with a wide range of medication and medical apparatus in order to provide appropriate treatment for people on board who feel unwell.

A list of some of the medical articles carried on board is available on the ANA website.