Summer fun
in Yamanashi and Nagano
Mount Fuji and the Japanese Alps: Adventures in the great outdoors and fantastic cultural experiences

Mount Fuji and the Japanese Alps in the summer are filled with lush nature that refreshes your mind.

Mount Fuji and the Japanese Alps are situated in Yamanashi and Nagano prefectures, where you can enjoy various activities among the majestic nature. Experience the heart of Japanese traditions and culture, such as temple stays and shrine visits to help cleanse your mind and body.

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Mount Fuji

Known as the highest mountain in Japan, Mount Fuji can be climbed in the summer, and the spectacular sunrise from the summit is not to be missed. After the hike, soak in the hot springs of Lake Kawaguchi and appreciate the view of the mountain, which is renowned for its beautifully proportioned form seen from its surroundings.

Lake Yamanaka

Cycling along the route around the lake is a great way to gaze at Mount Fuji and feel the glorious nature. From October to February, you can see the "Diamond Fuji" phenomenon, which is when the peak of Mount Fuji aligns with the sun.


The winery located on a hill provides a mesmerizing vista overlooking the vast vineyard in Koshu, Yamanashi Prefecture, a leading grape producer. Taste a selection of 200 types of wine, and the facilities including the inn, hot spring and restaurant will let you leisurely explore the grape production region.

ZEN & BED Bogetsuan

Experience the world of Zen and reflect on yourself at the Bogetsuan temple lodging. Through your stay, cleanse your heart and body through "zazen" seated meditation and authentic Buddhist cuisine. Take some time to focus on yourself by getting in touch with the Zen mindset. Please note that while the guestrooms are private, the bathroom and shower are shared.


Kamikochi's accessible and breathtaking nature envelops you in a refreshing atmosphere that will sooth your mind and body, making this area a popular destination. The magnificent scenery of the Kappa Bridge against the Hotaka mountain range is a must-see. One-day local hiking plans are also highly recommended.

Togakushi Shrine

Togakushi Shrine was founded around the foothills of Mount Togakushi, said to be the home of Kuzuryu, the nine-headed dragon and deity of water. Experience its mythical powers as you hike the pilgrimage trail connecting the five shrines amid the beautiful nature. Be sure to savor the Togakushi "soba" noodles, renowned as one of Japan's top three soba, at one of the many shops in the area.

Matsumoto Castle

Matsumoto Castle stands regally against the backdrop of the majestic Japanese Alps. While the exterior appears to be five tiers, in fact the inside is a six-story structure, and it is said to be the oldest existing castle of this type in Japan. To gain a deeper understanding of its history, participate in the guided tour (charge required).

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