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Star Village Achi

Paradise in the sky – Indulge in Japan’s best starry sky through night tours in Achi Village in Nagano Prefecture

Surrounded by rich nature, the village of Achi in southern Nagano was recognized as the best place to see stars in Japan by the Ministry of the Environment. Thanks to its altitude, clean air and the mountains surrounding the area, the star-filled sky and sea of clouds seen from the village are breathtaking. Visitors can enjoy stargazing on three different night sky tours according to each season.

The place where the stars shine the brightest

Heavens Sonohara is situated on Fujimidai Heights in Nagano’s Achi Village richly endowed with nature. Visitors can enjoy a ride in the air in the starry sky as the 2,500-meter-long ropeway with an altitude difference of 600 meters takes you to a height of 1,400 meters above the ground in approximately 15 minutes. As all lights are turned off leaving the summit in complete darkness, and away from the city lights, you can enjoy the infinite expanse of countless sparkling stars that make you feel like you can reach out and touch them. It is a landscape you can never see in the city. In autumn, a tour in the early morning that lets you enjoy the sea of clouds is also available.


Name Star Village Achi
Web Sites (In Japanese) http://info.sva.jp/
Address 338-25 Hirugami, Chisato, Achi, Shimoina-gun, Nagano
Access Approximately 30 minutes' taxi ride or route bus from JR Iida Station
Approximately 10 minutes' drive from the Iida Yamamoto IC on the Chuo Expressway
Business Hours Differs depending on facility and tour
Closed Differs depending on facility and tour
Inquiries TEL: 0265-49-3171 (Achi Hirugami Tourism Bureau)

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