Partner Flight Awards

Use Miles With Partner Airlines

ANA Mileage Club members can use miles to fly with our partners around the world.

Eligible Flights


  • Mileage Redemption for Singapore Airlines (SQ) have paused for the moment due to special regulation of the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) as of June 15, 2020.
    For tickets issued from October 24, 2019 onward, the zones for ANA partner airline flight awards have been partly changed.
  • Depending on the partner airline, there may be cases when awards cannot be used.
  • When using Avianca, flights which are operated by Avianca (AV), TACA (TA), and LACSA (LR) are also eligible.
  • Flight awards can be used for rail sectors when operated under Lufthansa or Austrian Airlines flight numbers.
  • Flight awards cannot be used for bus services operated under Etihad Airways flight numbers.
  • Routes that can be used with Etihad Airways (EY) flight awards are limited to sectors on which flights are operated with ANA as codeshare flights.
  • Suites, First Class and Business Class are not permitted for flight award reservation on the following Singapore Airlines aircraft: A350-900, A380-800, B787-1000, B777-200ER (retrofitted), and B777-300ER.
  • Flight awards cannot be used for the Beijing-Pyongyang sector that is operated by Air China.
  • Flight awards cannot be used for Air Macau flights which have flight numbers above 9000. (More specifically, it is possible to submit an application, but a reply from Air Macau's reservation system will not be forthcoming.)
  • Flight awards cannot be used for Premium Economy Class on EVA Air flights.
  • Flight awards cannot be used for First Class on Swiss International Air Lines flights.
  • Flight awards cannot be used for South African Airways flights with flight numbers between 8000 and 8999.
  • Flight awards for Olympic Air flights have to be reserved under Aegean Airlines (A3) flight numbers (Range: A3 7000-7999).

Eligible class

  • Economy Class
  • Business Class
  • First Class
    • Premium Economy cannot be used.
    • Eligible service classes differ depending on the airline.
    • Awards can also be used with combinations of different service classes.
    • For Japan domestic sectors, awards can be used for Economy Class only.

Required Mileage

Available from only 15,000 miles (roundtrip)

  • Awards cannot be redeemed for one-way flights.
  • The amount of required miles differ based on which zones the departure and arrival airports are located in, ticket seasonality, and the class to be used.
  • The required mileage does not change regardless of seasonality.

Required Mileage for All Sectors 

  • Infants and children require the same number of miles to redeem an award as adults. For other details, please refer to the Usage Policy for Infants and Children page.
  • If the amount of miles is not sufficient to redeem a flight award, it is not possible to cover the difference with cash or ANA SKY COINS.
  • Award tickets cannot be used in conjunction with upgrade awards.
  • Family members who are registered for ANA Card Family Miles or the ANA Mileage Club Family Account (AFA) Service can combine their miles to redeem awards.

Mixed Classes

If there are flights for multiple classes included in an itinerary, the required mileage for both the outbound and return journeys are divided by 2, then totaled.
If the itinerary has flights for multiple classes and also includes connections, the required mileage for the higher class of service on both the outbound and return journeys will be applied.


1 year from the itinerary start date. (The itinerary must be started within 1 year of ticket issuance.)

  • Even if blackout dates are included within the validity period of the award ticket, the validity period will not be extended.

Blackout Dates for ANA Japan Domestic Flights

Blackout Dates for ANA International Flights


  • Please refer to the Zones for details on zones.

Usage Policy for Infants and Children

Terms and conditions may differ depending on the partner airline, so customers are asked to confirm the details with the relevant airline.

Required Mileage

The number of miles required to redeem an award will vary depending on the departure and destination zones and the class of service.


Japan (Zone 1-A*1, 1-B*2, South Korea / Russia 1 (Zone 2), Asia 1 (Zone 3), Asia 2 / Russia 3 (Zone 4), Hawaii (Zone 5), North America (Zone 6), Europe / Russia 2 (Zone 7), Africa / the Middle East (Zone 8), Central/South America (Zone 9), Oceania / Micronesia (Zone 10)
  • *1.
    Zone 1-A: Itineraries only containing an international round trip (2 sectors) and itineraries containing only a connection flight(s) within Japan in addition to an international round trip (2 sectors)
  • *2.
    Zone 1-B: Itineraries which are not categorized as Zone 1-A are categorized as Zone 1-B.
  • An itinerary cannot include both Zone 1-A and Zone 1-B sectors.

STEP 1 Zone classification of each area

STEP 2 Required Mileage Charts

The required mileage shown in the charts is for a round trip.

  • "Y", "PY", "C" and "F" mean Economy Class, Premium Economy, Business Class and First Class respectively.
  • Please see Mixed Classes if you will be traveling in different service classes on your round-trip flights and connection flights.

Award Ticket Reservations

Application procedures cannot be completed at the airport.

Applying via the ANA Website

Please click Reservations and Applications for Partner Airline Flight Awards and then log in to your account to make an application.

  • In order to combine their family members' miles to redeem awards, the primary member must log in and submit a request.
  • Flight awards are not available for any itineraries which are displayed with the message "This service is not available for the specified itinerary" on the awards reservation screen. (The system determines whether or not an itinerary is applicable.)
  • Ticket issuance and mileage deduction for Air Macau (NX), Alitalia (AZ), Etihad Airways (EY), Eurowings (EW), Germanwings (4U), Jet Airways (9W), Philippine Airlines (PR), Vietnam Airlines (VN), and Virgin Atlantic Airways (VS) cannot be processed through the ANA website. Please contact the ANA Mileage Club Service Center to make reservations.
  • Itineraries and Airlines for Which Applications Cannot Be Processed through the ANA Website

Make Reservations by Phone

For Customers Outside Japan

  • Open-ended tickets without a flight reservation cannot be issued.
  • Waitlisting is not available (including for ANA flights). Award reservations must be made for all sectors.
  • The number of seats that can be used with award tickets is limited. Reservations for award seats may not be available for some flights
  • Some flights may currently be suspended or may only be operated during certain seasons. Even if flights are indicated in the charts, they may not actually be operated.
  • Please note that departure/arrival times and aircraft types are subject to change without notice.
  • Mileage is not accrued when using award tickets.
  • With the exception of miles which are eligible for unused award refunds, miles which have been used for award redemption cannot be refunded to a mileage account or exchanged for another award, even if the originally redeemed award was not used.
  • Please see Changes / Refunds for further details on reservation changes and cancellations.

Reservation Period

From 09:00 (JST) 355 days prior to the departure date (excluding the departure date itself) for the return flight in your itinerary until 96 hours prior to the departure of the first sector.

  • The reservation start date may vary by airline. Reservations can be made after all the sectors in the itinerary have become available for application.
  • A roundtrip must be reserved and ticketed.
  • For Shenzhen Airlines, the reservations for the summer and winter flight timetables open 2 months prior to the respective timetable.

Summer Timetable and Winter Timetable Periods

Summer Timetable

From the last Sunday in March until the last Saturday in October

Winter Timetable

From the last Sunday in October until the last Saturday in March


  • When using an ANA partner airline flight award, a minimum of USD 57 (as of February 2015) must be paid as taxes, Passenger Facility Charge, fuel surcharge, and other fees in addition to the miles that are used for award redemption. Such taxes and fees may change, and they are calculated based on the itinerary, class of service, exchange rates, etc. Furthermore, these taxes and fees must be paid in advance via credit card by the AMC member or the actual passenger at the time of ticket issuance.

Duplicated Bookings

Once reservations are considered as Duplicated Bookings, ANA or the travel agent would ask to cancel unnecessary segments.
We'd like as many people as possible to enjoy our flights, and we thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Duplicated Bookings

Ticket Service Charge

This is a processing fee charged when a ticket for a new ANA partner airline filight award is issued at ANA. As a general rule, the following ticketing service charge applies to per passenger for one set of flight tickets.

Award Collection

The e-Ticket Itinerary Receipt will be sent to the email address that is registered to the AMC member's account.
To prevent delivery errors, the e-Ticket Itinerary Receipt will only be sent to the email address that is registered to the AMC member's account.

  • It cannot be collected at the airport.

Guide to Using e-Tickets


The departure date and flight can be changed until the ticket's expiration date.

Customers must change their flight award before the departure of their originally reserved flight and up to 96 hours prior to the departure of their preferred flight. If reservation changes or cancellations are not made by the departure time of the originally reserved flight, changes will not be permitted from thereon.

  • Changes can be made through the ANA website until 96 hours prior to the departure of the first flight of the itinerary if the ticket has not been used.

Refunds for Unused Awards

Customers who wish to request a mileage refund for an ANA partner airline award ticket may do so prior to the departure of the reserved flight only if all sectors have not been used. After the designated amount of miles is deducted as a refund charge, the miles will be refunded to the mileage account.

  • *1.
    The oldest miles with the fastest approaching expiration dates will take precedence for deduction.

Mileage for Refund Charge

3,000 miles per customer

  • Refunds for infants not occupying a seat do not incur refund charges.

Application Acceptance Period

Please call us by the departure time of the flight reserved for your first sector.

Expiration Dates for Refunded Miles

Expiration dates will be based on the accrual month of the miles that were used to redeem the award.
Miles that have expired at the time of refund processing cannot be refunded.

Examples of Unused Award Refund

Miles will be refunded based on the accrual month of the miles that were used to redeem the award.

Refund Procedures

Procedures cannot be completed at the airport or through the ANA website.

Make Reservations by Phone

For Customers Outside Japan

  • All awards must be unused in order to be eligible for refunds.
  • Refund requests must be made during business hours. Requests must be received by 30 days after the award ticket's expiration date.
  • If the reserved flight was not canceled prior to its departure time, the unused award will not be eligible for refunds.
  • Miles that have expired at the time of refund processing cannot be refunded.
  • If the number of miles that are eligible to be refunded is less than what is required for the refund charge, a refund cannot be given.
  • After requesting a refund, a maximum of 10 days is required until the miles are credited back to the mileage account.
  • If multiple customers are under an award to be refunded, the refund charge will be applied to each customer.
  • After the miles have been refunded, the refund charge will be deducted from the "oldest" (earliest accrual month and year) non-expired miles in the mileage account.
  • In the event of flight delays or cancellations, alternative means of transportation or accommodation will not be provided.