Terms and Conditions

ANA Domestic Flight Awards


Please review "Points to Note When Using Awards", "About Award User Registration" before using awards.

  • There will be a partial change to the Japan domestic flight awards system for flights on and after October 28, 2018.

Eligible Flights and Sectors


Eligible Flights

All domestic flights within Japan with ANA flight numbers.

  • For domestic codeshare flights operated by other airlines, only reservations which are under the ANA flight number are eligible.


Any 1-sector or 2-sector journey on any domestic route operated with an ANA flight number.

Example 1: Roundtrip


Example 2: 2 Connected Sectors


Example 3: 2 Unconnected Sectors

Tokyo-Osaka, Nagoya-Kagoshima

Example 4: 2 Unconnected Sectors

Tokyo-Osaka, Tokyo-Osaka

Exception: Routes to/from Okinawa's Outlying Islands

For itineraries which involve flights to/from outlying islands in Okinawa Prefecture (Miyako or Ishigaki) and a connection in Naha, the roundtrip journey to/from the relevant island is also eligible. (Total = 4 eligible sectors)

  • Itineraries with only 3 sectors are not eligible.
  • 1 sector = 1 nonstop flight

Required Mileage

1-sector (one-way) awards can be redeemed starting from 5,000 miles.
The number of miles required to redeem an award will vary depending on the season and sector.
Please use the convenient Required Redemption Mileage Calculator feature, or check Seasonality Charts and Required Mileage Charts.

Useful Features

  • When using the Required Redemption Mileage Calculator, results for itinerary conditions (dates, sectors, etc.) which are not actually eligible may also be displayed.
    Please make sure to check the terms and conditions for using awards.
  • If you do not have enough miles to redeem an award, the difference cannot be paid with cash or ANA SKY COINS, and the award cannot be redeemed.
  • Family members who are registered for Family Account Services can combine their miles to redeem awards.

Usage Policy for Infants and Children


Infants (less than 3 years of age*1) require the same number of miles to redeem an award as adults. Infants who are over 8 days old can occupy their own seat. Infants who do not use an award will need to have a flex child fare ticket or applicable discount fare ticket for the same flight as the accompanying adult. Alternatively, infants may travel free of charge if they sit on their accompanying adult's lap.

  • *1.Age on the day of departure.


Children (3-11 years of age*1) require the same number of miles to redeem an award as adults.
Children who are less than 5 years of age must travel with an accompanying person (12 years of age or older). Children who are less than 5 years of age and do not have an accompanying person (12 years of age or older) with them will not be allowed to board.

  • *1.Age on the day of departure.

Usage by Family Members (Award User Registration)

If a person other than the AMC member will use an award, the AMC member must register that person as an award user.* (Up to 10 award users can be registered.) Click the Display and Register Award Users link on the right to register.

  • Award users may be asked to present documentation to verify their relationship with the AMC member.

Usage of Premium Class

Only Economy Class seats can be used with domestic flight award tickets. If there are Premium Class seats available on the day of departure, customers may upgrade by paying the designated Premium Class fee at the airport.

  • For flights on and after April 1, 2018, upgrades are available from 2 days prior to departure upon paying the designated upgrade fee.
  • In such cases of Premium Class usage, mileage and Premium Points will not be accured.

Expiration Date

Tickets Issued up to and Including June 30, 2018

Award tickets are valid for a period of 90 days after the date of issue.

Tickets Issued on or after July 1, 2018

Valid on the issue date and 1 year thereafter.

  • In this context, "date of issue" is defined as the date when the reservation was made.
  • Expiration date my be different when using a campaign.

Blackout Dates

Tokyo (Haneda/Narita), Nagoya (Chubu), Osaka (Itami/Kansai/Kobe)

Applicable Flights (Departures)
Year Period
2020 May 2-3, August 8-10, December 29-30
2021 April 29, May 1-2, August 11-14, December 29-30
2022 -
Applicable Flights (Arrivals)
Year Period
2020 January 3-5, May 5-6, August 15-16
2021 January 2-3, May 4-5, August 15-16
2022 January 2-3
  • Blackout dates are subject to change without notice. Please confirm when making the reservation.
  • Details of blackout dates beyond April 2022 will be announced around March 2021.
  • Award tickets cannot be used on the blackout dates.
    The number of seats that can be used with award tickets is limited.(Reservations for award seats may not be available for some flights.)
    There may be cases when award tickets cannot be used even if normal fare seats available.
  • Flights may be operated on a seasonal basis only, service may be suspended, etc. (Even if flights are indicated in the charts, they may not actually be operated.)
  • Mileage is not accrued when using award tickets.
  • With the exception of miles which are eligible for unused award refunds, miles which have been used for award redemption cannot be refunded to a mileage account or exchanged for another award, even if the originally redeemed award was not used.
    Please refer to the Refunds for Unused Awards page for details.