Paid Lounge Access

Use eligible lounges at discounted rates by paying for lounge access in advance through the ANA website.
Take a moment to relax in a sophisticated environment before you depart.


Sample image of the ANA Lounge at Haneda Airport. Services are subject to change without notice.

Details of Services

Customers can pay to use the ANA Lounges in the international terminal at both Narita and Haneda airports. (Does not include the ANA SUITE LOUNGE.) 
These lounges provide a variety of services, including beverages that will quench passengers' thirst and Wi-Fi for those wishing to check the latest news or their email before boarding their flight.

Eligibility and Application Period

  ANA website (application in advance)
Airport counter (on day of use)
Eligible Flights
ANA-operated international flights departing from Narita*1 or Haneda Airport
Limited to NH flight numbers
ANA-operated international flights departing from Narita or Haneda Airport
Eligible Tickets Tickets issued by ANA*2*3
(excluding purchases made on the Mexico site)
No restrictions
Eligible Booking Classes
Application Period
From ticket purchase until no later than 24 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure time
Until boarding begins
  • *1 Excluding flights departing from Narita Airport between 16:00 and 19:59.
  • *2 This offer is not available when using award tickets. 
  • *3 Ticket numbers starting with 205. 
  • *Lounge usage eligibility will differ depending on member status (e.g., Premium members) and boarding class. Please refer to Eligibility for Airport Lounge Access for more details. 

Service Fees and Payment Methods, Application method

How to apply varies, charges and payment methods.
You can use our airport lounges for less by booking in advance via the ANA website.

  ANA website (application in advance)
Airport counter (on day of use)
Charges per person*1
(tax included)
JPY 4,000
JPY 6,000
Payment Method
Credit card*2 or PayPal*3 Credit Card
Cash (Japanese Yen only)
Application method
Please apply from the Reservation Completed screen after purchasing your ticket on the ANA website.
Customers who already have a reservation should apply from the Reservation Details screen.*4
Please apply at the check-in counter, the ticketing counter, or at the lounges at Narita or Haneda Airport.
  • *1 Price is the same for adults and children. Infants accompanying adults can access lounges free of charge.
  • *2 China UnionPay Card and Alipay can be used on the China site.
  • *3 Excluding the China, South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, and Malaysia sites.
  • *4 The button to apply will not be displayed if you are not eligible for Paid Lounge Access, the time at which you wish to apply falls outside the application period, or the maximum number of applications has already been received.

Entering the Lounge

Present your boarding pass at the reception to the ANA Lounge.

Changes and Cancellations After Booking the Service

Refunds are not available after booking; however, if your EMD (Electronic Miscellaneous Document) meets the terms of use, you may use it on another date within the term of validity when booking ANA Lounge usage.

Deadline: Accepted until 24 hours prior to the departure of the international flight sector of your reservation.
Where to apply: Please contact ANA call centers. (date changes and service cancellations cannot be processed at the airport).


  • - There is a limit to the number of seats available in airport lounges.
  • - Lounges can only be used after the airport counter check-in has opened for your outbound flight and you have passed through security.
  • - Please retain EMD PASSENGER RECEIPT you received upon booking the service until you actually use the lounge.

Bookings made via the ANA Website

  • - Advance bookings cannot be made for the ANA Lounge at Narita Airport for flights departing between 16:00 and 19:59 PM (JST).
  • - If you are using an award ticket, advance bookings via the ANA website are not available.

Lounge usage at the Airport

  • - You may be designated a lounge to use during busy periods.
  • - You may not be able to use a lounge if it is already full. Please speak to an ANA staff member at the airport for more details.