Business Class

Services for Business Class Passengers

Our Business Class passengers will receive world-class treatment when flying with ANA. That means elevated service from the moment you arrive at the departure airport, continuing with luxurious and attentive in-flight services, then sending you on your way after arrival.

business class check-in counter

Business Class Airport Services

We strive to make all the steps, from check-in to the boarding gate, as easy and comfortable as possible for our Business Class passengers, including priority check in at some airports. Just look for the Business Class sign.

If you have already checked in online, there is no need to go to the check-in counter. For more information, refer to Online Check-In.

first class priority baggage tag

Business Class passengers who wish to check bags should proceed to the baggage drop counter, where a Priority baggage tag will be attached. These bags will arrive at Baggage Claim after any First Class priority bags. Get More Baggage Information.

Some airports offer Fast Track check-in for Business Class passengers, making the security check smoother. Please check the airport guide for your departure airport. Get Airport and City Information.

Business Class and First Class passengers receive priority boarding after those who need special assistance.

priority disembarking

Business Class passengers are welcome to disembark first from the aircraft. If you have checked bags, proceed to Baggage Claim, where your prioritized bags should arrive promptly.

Also, Business Class passengers disembarking at Narita Airport can relax in the ANA Arrival Lounge before connecting to a domestic flight or leaving the airport. Find out more about our Narita Airport Lounges.

Business Class Lounge Access

Business Class passengers on ANA-operated international flights are invited to spend time in ANA lounges and ANA-affiliated lounges. Eligibility for lounge access and service details vary by airport.


"ANA LOUNGE" is available at Haneda Airport, Narita Airport, Kansai Airports and Honolulu Airport. At airports other than the above, our partner airline lounges are available. Please see lounge Information for more details.

business class cabin.

Explore Comfortable Business Class Seats

Our Business Class seats offer world-class comfort and functionality. Depending on the aircraft, seats feature fully flat seats, doors for privacy, large LCD wide-screen monitors, closets for storage, and much more. Explore our Business Class options below.

The Room Business Class Seat

These wide seats all come with a door with direct aisle access, alternating between forward- and rear-facing rows to provide the highest level of privacy and comfort available in Business Class. See details of The Room.

Available on:

B777-300ER Business Class Staggered seat

ANA was the first Japanese airline to adopt the staggered seat arrangement. This ground-breaking setup enables you to enjoy direct aisle access no matter where you are seated.


Available on:


For a pleasant flight experience, this seat boasts a spacious pitch and a footrest that can be adjusted to four different heights. It is equipped with an array of functions, including a 12.1-inch touch-panel LCD monitor, a large table, a universal power port, and more. See details of ANA BUSINESS CRADLE.

Available on:

A320-200neo Business Class seat

Our other Business Class seats offer plenty of leg room for a relaxing, comfortable journey.

Available on:

Business Class Dining and Drinks

The Connoisseurs

To ANA, a "Connoisseur" is the embodiment of the ultimate host: someone with great knowledge in entertaining your palate. With the professional expertise of master chefs, beverage specialists and ANA chefs, we open new frontiers in the art of dining 30,000 feet in the sky. Enjoy the finest cuisine, only with ANA.

For details, Please refer to THE Connoisseurs.

Business Class Pre-Order Meal Service

Business Class passengers can pre-order their preferred meal. For Tokyo departures on certain routes, passengers can also choose collaboration menus served on other routes. Get the detail of the Pre-Order Meal Service.

Business Class Dining

Made with the finest and freshest seasonal ingredients for gorgeous flavor, our Business Class cuisine is planned and executed by prominent chefs from inside and outside Japan.

Highlights from the September 2023 to November 2023 menu on flights from Japan.

For information on children's meals and meals meeting specific health or religious dietary requirements, please see Children's and Other Special Meals.

Japanese and International Cuisine

We invite you to enjoy these meals created by some of the Japan and the world's most renowned chefs.

ANA Original

ANA Chefs - Japanese Cuisine

Seasonal Japanese yam bulbils in crunchy fried balls of surimi fish paste, grated yam, and egg white. A small bowl of mature bonito with refreshing Japanese relishes and ponzu citrus sauce. Lime green fried eggplant and pumpkin tofu topped with sesame cream and pine nuts. The main is a colorful arrangement of autumn nuts and vegetables. Japanese wagyu beef simmered in dashi stock sweetened with onions and flavored with ginger. Yuan-yaki citrus-marinated grilled Greenland halibut served with deep-fried surimi fish paste served in a spiky chestnut bur-like presentation with ginkgo nuts. For the boiled taro, enjoy by pinching the bottom of the skin.

Applicable Routes: Routes from Narita/Haneda to North America, Europe (excluding Honolulu, Vladivostok), Mexico, Oceania (NH881, NH889) (excluding some flights)

ANA Original

ANA Chefs - International Cuisine

Moist smoked duck served over a mushroom and chestnut salad. Enjoy with a refreshing chestnut dressing featuring a touch of sherry vinegar. The main is a dish of sautéed beef fillet served with an autumn-inspired Duxelles sauce with chopped dried shiitake mushrooms. Accompanied by fragrant fried lotus root and sweet potatoes. The salmon is grilled to delectable perfection. The Choron sauce is made with a base of whisked egg yolks and clarified butter, finished with sweet and sour tomatoes.

Applicable Routes: Routes from Narita/Haneda to North America, Europe (excluding Honolulu, Vladivostok), Mexico, Oceania (NH881, NH889) (excluding some flights)

Light Dishes

We invite you to enjoy these light dishes whenever you want during your flight. You will also find these dishes are a delicious follow-up to alcoholic beverages.

Photo of IPPUDO Plant-based "Pla-ton" Ramen

IPPUDO Plant-based "Pla-ton" Ramen

Newly available from December 2022, this plant-based pork bone flavor ramen does not contain any animal-derived ingredients. This vegan-friendly dish will allow a wider range of customers peace of mind to enjoy the richness and depth of Ippudo's popular ramen.

Applicable Routes: Routes from North America (excluding Honolulu) to Narita/Haneda, and routes between Narita/Haneda and Europe (excluding Vladivostok), Oceania, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia


A "healthy" katsudon
- Meat-free, Delicious and healthy with traditional Japanese okara (bean curd) and konjac -

ANA's Original Curry

Business Class Drinks

Sit back and relax on board with one of our Business Class beverages. ANA staff and external advisors carefully select each offering.

ANA's Premium Wine Selection

The finest red and white wines from top caliber wineries around the world have been selected to complement our First Class menu.

Around 2,000 brands of wine from 15 countries competed to be served by ANA. Find out more about our Premium Wine Selection.

Champagne Castelnau - Cuvée Brut Réserve label

Champagne Castelnau - Cuvée Brut Réserve

Champagne, France

A toasty, round, crisp palate with hazelnut and stone fruit flavors, along with mouthwatering acidity, a very delicate mousse, persistent fine bubbles, and a chalky finish.
Grapes: Chardonnay, Meunier, Pinot Noir.

Available Routes: Business Class on Europe (excluding Vladivostok) North America, Mexico, Oseania and Hawaii route (Another item may be served.)

Château Castegens 2016 label

Château Castegens 2016

Bordeaux, France

This old, historical Château, already a witness to the battle of Castillon in 1453, is producing wines from its 28 hectares limestone and clay based vineyard. The 2016 has both the power and the elegance of this excellent vintage. A solid, firm Bordeaux,with a blackberry and vanilla dominated aromatic profile, a dense, palate and a sustained black fruit aftertaste.
Grapes: Merlot / Cabernet Franc.

Available Routes: Business Class on Europe (excluding Vladivostok) route

Skuttlebutt Sauvignon Blanc Semillon label

Skuttlebutt Sauvignon Blanc Semillon

Margaret River, Australia

A combination of zesty, citrusy notes, creamy texture, and beeswax and lanolin flavors.
The finish lingers with precise saltiness and waxiness.
Grapes: Sauvignon Blanc / Semillon

Available Routes: Business Class on North America routes, Mexico, Oseania, Hawaii, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar route (Another item may be served.)

Japanese Sake
Mizubasho Junmai Daiginjo (Fruity type) label

Mizubasho Junmai Daiginjo (Fruity type)

Nagai Shuzo, Gunma

Founded in 1886, the first generation of the brewery fell in love with the water of the Kawaba Village in Gunma Prefecture, and started brewing sake under the policy "making beautiful sake that expresses the beauty of nature in Kawaba Village." Using 100% Yamada Nishiki rice from contract farms, this sake has a gorgeous aroma like melon and a sweet flavor with a hint of bitterness and spiciness.

17% ABV

Available Time Period: September 2023 to November 2023

Available Routes: Business Class on North America routes, Mexico, Europe (excluding Vladivostok), Oseania,Hawaii, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia route

Noguchi Naohiko Sake Institute "Yamahai Gohyakumangoku" (Rich type) label

Noguchi Naohiko Sake Institute "Yamahai Gohyakumangoku" (Rich type)

Noguchi Naohiko Sake Institute Inc., Ishikawa

Naohiko Noguchi - god of sake brewing - has launched a brewery as a new culumination of his dedication to the art of great sake for over 70 years. This complex, multi-layered Yamahai Sake has creamy richness, mild acidity, and sweet-sour orange aromas. It has a sharp taste that goes down the throat and helps to shed the fat in its dishes.

19% ABV

Available Time Period: November 2023

Available Routes: Business Class on North America routes, Mexico, Europe (excluding Vladivostok), Oseania,Hawaii, India, Tahailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia route

Gozenshu Omachi Junmai (Rich type) label

Gozenshu Omachi Junmai (Rich type)

Tsuji Honten, Okayama

Founded in 1804, Tsuji Honten has been located in a histrical castle town in Okayama prefecture. The name of sake "Gozenshu" comes from a sake tributed to feudal lords during Edo era. Soichiro Tsuji, the 7th generation, and his sister Maiko, the first female brewer there, brew their sake with only Omachi rice. Enjoy refreshing acidity and gentle sweetness with moderate aroma.

16% ABV

Available Time Period: September 2023 to November 2023

Available Routes: Business Class on Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines and East Asia route

ANA's Specialty Coffee Selection
Rainforest Alliance logo

We provide our special cup of coffee sourced from the Rainforest Alliance certified.
Enjoy the sweet flavor coffee with the feature of rich fragrance like oak cask and scent of roasted nuts.
The Rainforest Alliance is an international non-profit organization working to create a better future for people and nature.
To learn more about the Rainforest Alliance, visit


  • Food and drinks are subject to change without notice. Your choice may not always be available.
  • Some menu items have been changed due to the shortage of chicken eggs caused by the spread of avian influenza.Details about the new menu items will be available on board the flight. We ask for your kind understanding in this matter.
  • All photos are sample images.
  • For information on the source of the rice used in accordance with the Rice Traceability Law, see Source of rice used in accordance with Rice Traceability Law (PDF) (Japanese only).

Search for Meals and Drinks on Your Route

  • * The in-flight meal and drink menus are scheduled to be updated at the end of each of the following months: February, May, August, and November.
  • * Please note that menus are subject to change without notice, due to availability of ingredients.
  • * Due to limited availability, there may be cases where we are unable to provide the menu items of your choice. Thank you for your understanding.

Children's Meals and Meals for Dietary Requirements

ANA offers a wide selection of special meals for children and babies. We also have meals for passengers with specific dietary requirements for health or religious reasons, and for those with diet restrictions. Most require advance notice.

Get the details about Children's and Other Special Meals.

Business Class Wi-Fi and Entertainment

In-flight Wi-Fi and entertainment for ANA Business Class (international flights) passengers. See details on ANA Wi-Fi Service.

Woman watch in-flight entertainment

In-Flight Entertainment

Flying in Business Class also means you can enjoy our in-flight entertainment in style with large LCD or 4K monitors that make it feel like home.

Woman using a laptop in Business Class

ANA Wi-Fi Service

We offer an in-flight Internet connection service (charged). You can use Internet, e-mail, and SNS with smartphone or tablet that can connect to wireless LAN during the flight.

Laptop Battery Rental

Business Class passengers can rent an external laptop battery for use on aircraft where there is no in-seat power in Business Class. Get the detail on renting an external battery.

in-flight duty free shopping

ANA Business Class Duty-Free Shopping

ANA offers a wide range of In-flight sales lineups. Please enjoy affordable price only available at Duty-Free Shopping.

Business Class Amenities

To create a relaxing experience in the sky, ANA offers a selection of comfortable and useful amenities to our Business Class passengers. Feel free to request them from one of our cabin attendants.

  • * Amenity services may vary by route.
  • * Images are used for reference purposes only.

A Comfortable Relaxing Experience in the Sky

Our new comforter features Maruhachi Mawata feather down. The new pillow boasts two layers—one filled with feather down for an airy, fluffy quality, and the other made from soft, springy polyurethane foam—for a completely unique feel. Our bed pad is a version of Nishikawa Sangyo's Air Cyclone®, which has been customized to fit our Business Class staggered seats perfectly. It boasts three special layers and the optimal degree of resilience, allowing you to turn over in your sleep easily. With excellent breathability, it also enables you to enjoy an incredibly comfortable slumber. The reverse side of the mattress is slip-resistant, meaning you can also use it as a seat cushion while sitting upright in your seat.

(Sleeping goods) Bed pad, Comforter, Pillow
Good Design logo

We use Nishikawa's Air Cyclone® bed pad, which won a Japanese Good Design Award in 2012. Air comprises 96% of the bed pad, providing excellent breathability and quick-dry features. The air cushion ensures fantastic support in any positions, allowing you to feel as comfortable as if you were resting on a cloud.

  • * The bed pads will be introduced on flights equipped with ANA BUSINESS STAGGERED seats only.
  • * Bed pads are not available on Vietnam routes.
Bed pad, comforter and pillow

Our down comforter offers a supreme level of comfort and hygiene, with all feathers having been carefully washed and dried at a high temperature at a Maruhachi Group factory within Japan. Down comforters boast excellent moisture absorption and desorption, allowing you to enjoy an even more comfortable rest.


The pillow comprises two layers: one filled with the high-quality feather down, and the other made from polyurethane foam. The feather down side is airy and fluffy, while the polyurethane foam side is soft and springy, giving this pillow a completely unique feel. Use these different sides to suit your needs. The pillow case boasts 100% pure Egyptian cotton and is soft to the touch, ensuring a good night's slumber.

Available Routes: Japan - North America, Europe (excluding Vladivostok), Oceania, Mexico City, Bangkok, Singapore, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, India, Vietnam*

  • * Bed pads are not available on Vietnam routes.
Amenity Kit

Our ANA original amenity kit comes in a pouch designed by Globe-Trotter, the luggage brand with a history spanning more than 120 years. It includes a set of body milk and lip balm from the French cosmetics brand L'OCCITANE.

  • * The pouch shape and color varies depending on the time of year.
  • * The appearance and contents are subject to change without prior notice.

Available Routes: Japan - North America, Europe (excluding Vladivostok), Oceania, Mexico City

Other Business Class Amenities

Routes: Manila, Mainland China, Taiwan, South Korea, Vladivostok

knit wear
  • * Limited stock

Routes: North America, Europe (excluding Vladivostok), Oceania, Mexico City, Bangkok, Singapore, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, India, Vietnam

  • * Limited stock
  • * Available in 2 sizes

Routes: North America, Europe (excluding Vladivostok), Oceania, Mexico City, Bangkok, Singapore, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, India

Routes: All Routes

Includes toothbrush set, mouth wash, face and body wipes, eye mask, ear plugs, face and hand cream, mask, and comb.

Routes: All Routes

ANA Original Aroma cards

The aroma card is sleep support items goods for your rest time. Get details on ANA's Original Aroma.

Routes: All Routes


Routes: Flights from Japan to North America (excluding Honolulu) and to/from Europe(excluding Vladivostok), Oceania and Mexico City

  • * Passengers on all other flights will be provided with stereo headphones.

Post card, ballpoint pen, memo pad

  • * Limited stock

Routes: All Routes

  • * Limited stock

Routes: All Routes

Explore These Other Services

Person holding phone

Keep My Fare is a convenient service that enables customers to hold onto reservation and fare details if they need more time to decide their ticket purchases (up to 72 hours before ticket issuance). You can apply for the service from the payment screen after selecting your preferred flight and fare.


This is a convenient service that allows you to pay additional charges in advance on the ANA website for baggage that exceeds the free checked baggage allowance. The cost is $100-$200 USD depending on weight restrictions and travel destinations. Apply online after booking your flight.

medical kit

To provide peace of mind to our customers, ANA provides a support system for passengers who need medical attention on board, including 24-hour access to medical professionals around the world.

ANA Wi-Fi Service logo

With our in-flight Wi-Fi, you can access the internet and your email, and stay connected using your smartphone, tablet or other devices. A card with instructions for connecting can be found in your seatback pocket.

Aircraft and In-Flight Service Information

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