General Notes about Awards

Please review the points at the following links before using awards.

How to Apply for Awards

Application procedures cannot be completed at the airport.

ANA Website

Press the button below, log in to your account, and then make your application.

  • Flight awards are not available for any itineraries which are displayed with the message "This service is not available for the specified itinerary" on the awards reservation screen.
    (The system determines whether or not an itinerary is applicable.)
  • Ticket issuance and mileage deduction for Virgin Atlantic Airways (VS), Etihad Airways (EY), Eurowings (EW), Philippine Airlines (PR), Air Dolomiti (EN), Air Macau (NX), Germanwings (4U), Jet Airways (9W), Vietnam Airlines (VN), and Alitalia airlines (AZ) cannot be processed through the ANA website. Please contact the ANA Mileage Club Service Center to make reservations.


(For Customers Outside Japan)

Application and Ticketing Deadlines

Ticketing Deadlines

From 09:00 (JST) 355 days prior to the departure date (excluding the departure date itself) for the return flight in your itinerary until 96 hours prior to the departure of the first sector.

  • The reservation start date may vary by airline. Reservations can be made after all the sectors in the itinerary have become available for application.
  • A roundtrip must be reserved and ticketed.
  • For Shenzhen Airlines, the reservations for the summer and winter flight timetables open 2 months prior to the respective timetable.
Summer Timetable From the last Sunday in March until the last Saturday in October
Winter Timetable From the last Sunday in October until the last Saturday in March
Ticketing Period and Deadline

Tickets will be issued as soon as all sectors of the flight award itinerary can be reserved.
However, if a ticketing deadline has been specified separately, tickets must be issued before that deadline.
If ticketing is not completed by the specified deadline or 14 days prior to departure, your reservation will be cancelled automatically.

Ticketing Service Charge

A ticketing service charge will apply when a ticket is issued by ANA for a new ANA partner airline flight award reservation. For tickets issued in Japan, the ticketing service charge is JPY 2,200 (including tax). For tickets issued in other countries, please refer to the table below. Ticketing service charges do not apply to tickets which are issued through the ANA website.

Countries/Regions Ticketing Service Charge Countries/Regions Ticketing Service Charge
Japan YEN 2,200 The Philippines USD 25
South Korea KRW 28,000 Indonesia IDR 400,000
Mainland China CNY 150 Malaysia MYR 80
Hong Kong HKD 200 Cambodia USD 20
Taiwan TWD 780 United States USD 25
India INR 0 United Kingdom GBP 10
Singapore SGD 35 Switzerland*1 CHF 20
Thailand THB 800 Other European Countries EUR 15
Myanmar USD 25 Australia AUD 25

USD 25

Changed to VND 600,000 for tickets issued from October 2, 2017

  • A ticketing service charge will be applied to each set of tickets for each person.
  • Ticketing service charges will be waived for award tickets which are issued for children under the age of 12.
  • *1 For tickets issued by the ANA International Reservation Center, a ticketing service charge of EUR 15 will apply.

Requests for your cooperation when making a reservation

Duplicated Bookings
Once reservations are considered as Duplicated Bookings, ANA would ask to fix their itinerary and cancel unnecessary segments.
We'd like as many people as possible to enjoy our flights, and we thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Waitlisting is not available (including for ANA flights).

Award reservations must be made for all sectors.

Open Tickets

Open tickets cannot be issued.

Changes after Ticket Issuance

The departure date and flight can be changed until the ticket's expiration date.

Change Acceptance Deadline: Until before the departure of your reserved flight and 96 hours prior to the departure of the flight you wish to board. The following changes cannot be made if you do not change or cancel your reservation by the departure of your reserved flight.

Changes can be made through the ANA website until 96 hours prior to the departure of the first flight of the itinerary if the ticket has not been used.

( Points to Note After Ticket Issuance )

  • ・The names of the passenger and the AMC member who is providing the miles cannot be changed.
  • ・The airline, passenger, sector, route, and service class* cannot be changed.
    • Even if the new itinerary and original itinerary are the same ZONE, changes cannot be made.
    • It is possible to change a connection at the destination or connecting point from a stopover (exceeding 24 hours) to a layover (less than 24 hours), and vice versa.
  • ・Reservations cannot be made more than 355 days in advance of the departure date.
  • ・Tickets for reservations cannot be issued as open tickets and waitlisting is also not available.
  • ・Reservations for partner airline award tickets cannot be converted into ANA international flight award reservations.
  • ・When making changes to an unused ticket, differences may arise due to adjustments to fuel surcharges, taxes, etc. Such differences will be notified at the time of the reservation change. (Even if the original reservation was made before April 12, 2015, if a change was made to the unused ticket for the first sector on April 12, the new terms and conditions from April 12 will apply.)

  • Itineraries with stopovers in multiple cities.
  • *When requesting a change to a lower service class than the one which was originally reserved due to seat availability in that lower service class. (However, the required mileage difference between the 2 classes will not be refunded.)
    *Premium Economy is not available for partner airline flight awards.
  • *When a ticket for the sector was issued based on the required mileage for a service class that was higher than what was originally reserved, and a change to that higher service class is requested due to seat availability.
  • Change a connection at the destination or connecting point from a stopover (exceeding 24 hours) to a layover (less than 24 hours), and vice versa.
  • Reservations containing only children aged 2-11, or infants under 2

    Changes must be made before the departure of the originally reserved flight and by 96 hours prior to the departure of the new flight. If reservation changes or cancellations are not made by the departure time of the originally reserved flight, changes to all subsequent flights will not be permitted. The exchange/reissue service charge will not apply.

Procedures to Make Changes

ANA Website

Press the button below, log in to your account, and then make your application.

Procedures for changes cannot be completed at the airport.

Award Collection

The e-Ticket Itinerary Receipt can be collected via email, post, or at an ANA branch office. To prevent delivery errors, the e-Ticket Itinerary Receipt will only be sent to the email address or postal address that is registered to the AMC member's account.

It cannot be collected at the airport.

Please confirm the Terms and Conditions as well as the Applications and Changes pages when using award tickets.