ANA will support efforts to build better people, better regional communities, and a better planet so that we may build a better future.

Welcome to the "ANA Future Promise" website. The ANA Group is promoting ESG management that takes into consideration the environment, social and governance. On this website, we introduce our SDGs and sustainability initiatives in a way that is more familiar to our customers.


About ANA Future Promise

ANA Future Promise

The ANA Group is promoting ESG management that considers the Environment, Society and Governance, with the aim of realizing a sustainable society and enhancing corporate value. Under the slogan of "ANA Future Promise", we aim to achieve the SDGs by developing initiatives with a sense of unity among ANA Group employees while gaining the understanding and cooperation of our customers.

Aiming for initiatives that resonate with our customers

This is a 1 minute 15 seconds video that explains the outline of "ANA Future Promise."
For details on each initiative, please see the "ANA Future Promise Initiatives" article.

The video starts with the "ANA Inspiration of Japan" motion logo and a STAR Alliance tagline.

0:05 Along with the video of an ANA airplane flying in the sky, the subtitle on the bottom explains "In order to continue to be a company that develops together with society, the ANA Group is promoting initiatives to address environmental and social issues."

0:16 Shows four photos that symbolize the reduction of CO2 emissions. Upper left photo is an airplane flying using Sustainable Aviation Fuel. Lower left photo shows the process of the engine cleaning. Upper right photo shows a light-weight cart used during the flight. Lower right photo shows a pilot and a co-pilot operating in the cockpit.

0:21 Displays four photos that symbolize the products and services that are friendly to the global environment. Upper left photo shows the First class Western food. Lower left photo shows an International economy class meal tray made of eco-friendly bagasse material. Upper right photo shows an in-flight meal loaded in a service cart. Lower right photo shows a wooden knife and a fork.

0:26 Shows four photos that symbolize the realization of "delightful, kind-hearted and comfortable skies for everybody." Upper left photo shows a wheelchair made of resin. Upper right photo shows a set of Sorapass books and a certificate of completion of the boarding support class "Sorapass Classroom". Bottom left photo shows the pictogram of "customers in need of help". Bottom right photo shows a student with a smile holding a certificate of completion in his hand.

0:31 Displays the ANA Future Promise logo and describes the thought put into this website and the slogan.

Two videos and a photo will be shown without voiceover.

0:51 Plays the video of the ANA Group employee cleaning the aircraft.

0:53 Plays the video of a cabin attendant providing an in-flight meal service on board.

0:56 Plays the photo of the ANA Group employees holding a banner stating "Use Sustainable Aviation Fuel to reduce CO2" in front of the airplane.

1:03 At the end, the message "Aiming for initiatives that resonate with our customers" appears and the motion logo of ANA Future Promise without voiceover closes the video.

Contributions to SDGs

The ANA Group has named the period up to 2030 as the "Decade of Action" and is accelerating its efforts to achieve the SDGs. We hope that our customers will learn more about the ANA Group's efforts to achieve the SDGs.

SDGs : Sustainable Development Goals 17 Goals

ANA Group ESG Commitments

Achieve net-zero emissions from Aircraft Flight Operations by Fiscal 2050

Methods for achievement

Utilization of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).

Increase usage of SAF produced from sustainable sources such as vegetable oil, sugar, animal fat, waste biomass.

Adopt new technologies

Implement aircrafts and improved engines with higher fuel-efficiency and cutting-edge technology.

Improve flight operations

Reducing fuel consumption by improvements an aircraft flight operation, regularly cleaning the inside of the engine, and reducing the weight of equipment installed.

Use of emission trading system

For emissions that cannot be reduced using the above methods, we will use the emissions trading system.

Reduce resource disposal rate by Fiscal 2050

Methods for achievement

Use of eco-friendly materials

Reduce the use of disposable plastic products used in airport lounges and on board aircraft and replace them with eco-friendly materials, and reduce and recycle the amount of plastic bags used at airports.

Reuse of used materials

ANA Group companies collaborate to promote "closed recycling*1" on board and at airports.

  • *1.
    The reuse and recycling of materials collected from used ANA products for use in ANA's own products.
Digitalization of paper media

Shifting from printed materials such as timetables, in-flight magazines and newspapers to providing them online
Digitizing paper manuals and documents required for operations in all positions, which includes pilots and cabin attendants

Reduce food waste rate by 50% by Fiscal 2050

Methods for achievement

Reduction in product life cycle

Raise efforts to eliminate waste in the procurement, preparation, delivery and disposal process of food products.

Review of in-flight loading system

Monitor in-flight meal disposal rates and review the number of meals onboard.

ANA Future Promise Initiatives

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