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Sakura Castle Ruins Park

Visit a castle in Chiba, head for Sakura Castle Ruins Park, there is Samurai town of Sakura as a Japan Heritage site

Sakura Castle Ruins Park with Sakura Castle inside, is in Sakura City, Chiba Prefecture. This is a famous cherry blossom spot in the spring and is certified as one of Japan's Top 100 Castles. In adjacent, there is National Museum of Japanese History, where you can learn about the history and folk culture from the ancient times.

In the Sakura Castle Ruins Park, which is certified as one of Japan's Top 100 Castles, the remains of Sakura Castle, such as the earthen walls for fortification and the dry moat remain unchanged, so the current scenery is same as the samurai saw in long time ago. In addition, you can stroll around while enjoying the seasonal nature. In the spring, about 60 different varieties of 1,100 cherry trees bloom beautifully inside of the park, and you can enjoy the fusion of art with cherry blossoms lit up at night at the adjacent National Museum of Japanese History. And you will be enjoy the relaxing feeling by walking around autumn leaves during autumn season.

In the castle town of Sakura, as Kanto's largest samurai residence group, there is an old bamboo forest "Hiyodori-zaka" slope where samurai dwellings and make us feel life in Samurai era. It’s full of scenic places such as shrines and temples including Makata Shrine, and "Kyu-hottatei" (Important Cultural Property), which is one of several valuable buildings as a residence of the former Daimyo (feudal lord) in the Meiji Period. If you go for a walk while wearing kimono, can you become a samurai?

The National Museum of Japanese History which is adjacent to Sakura Castle Ruins Park, is the largest historical museum in Japan that dedicate to the research and make an exhibition of Japanese history, archeology, and folklore. Visit and learn the history and folklore of Japan from primitive and ancient to modern times. After visiting the museum, if you explore the castle town of Sakura where the culture of the samurai was born, you may discover Japanese samurai culture that you never know before.


Name Sakura Castle Ruins Park
Web Sites http://www.city.sakura.lg.jp.e.dj.hp.transer.com/0000000987.html
Address Jonai-cho, Sakura-shi, Chiba
Access About 55 minutes from Ueno Station to Keisei Sakura Station by Keisei Main Line.
About 60 minutes from Tokyo Station to JR Sakura Station by JR Sobu Main Line.
Inquiries Sakura City Tourism Association

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