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"Tastes of JAPAN by ANA" is a regional vitalization project that collaborates with the different prefectures in Japan to present the Land of the Rising Sun in all of its diverse glory.

Enjoy cosplay in the Boso-no-Mura Area of Doramu-no-Sato

Doramu-no-Sato in Sakae-machi, near Narita City in Chiba Prefecture, lets you enjoy restaurants, a farmers market, and cosplay. The House of Cosplay in Doramu-no-Sato lets you try on kimono and other old Japanese clothing from the Edo (1603-1868) and Meiji (1868-1912) eras. After selecting and changing into your favorite costume, step back in time and stroll down reproduced streets lined with old merchant houses and samurai houses in Boso-no-Mura, the adjoining experience-based museum. It will make you feel like you are in a period drama!

House of Cosplay

Opened in May 2018 inside Doramu-no-Sato, the House of Cosplay rents various period costumes, including those of samurai, ninja, daughters of common households and daughters of a samurai family, as well as yukata (cotton summer kimono). Select your favorite costume, and the dedicated staff will kindly help you put them on. The costumes are available in various sizes from small to large, allowing both children and adults to enjoy cosplay. Ninja-themed souveniers are also available.

Yume Terrace Farmers Restaurant

Surrounded by greenery, the Yume Terrace serves delicious dishes using locally sourced produce. The menu on offer abundantly uses fresh ingredients and vegetables, and is overseen by a former top-rated hotel chef. The terrace tables even allow you to enjoy meals with your dogs. The chef's recommendation is a hamburger made of 100% Japanese beef stewed in a special homemade demi-glace sauce. Juicy and flavorful, it is a dish to remember!

Ryu-no-Ichiba market

The market is abundantly stocked with fresh local vegetables, processed foods made of kurodaizu (black soybeans), high-quality rice and delicious dairy products by Narita Yume Bokujo (Narita Dream Dairy Farm). Particularly recommended are Kurodaizu-no-Doramame, Kuromame Bread and other processed products made of kurodaizu, which is a specialty vegetable of Sakae-machi. Fluffy and chewy, "Kuromame Bread" is a milk bread with black soybeans kneaded into the dough. It's so good you can finish eating one in no time!


Name Cosplay-no-Yakata (in Doramu-no-Sato)
Web Sites (In Japanese) http://yumedoramu.com/cosplay
Address 1039-1 Ryukakuji, Sakae-machi, Inba-gun, Chiba
Access From JR Narita Station, take the bus bound for Ryukakujidai-Shako and get off at Ryukakujidai 2-Chome bus stop and from the bus stop, it's an approximately 10 minutes' walk
Business Hours 9:00 to 17:00
Closed Mondays (if Monday is a public holiday, then the following Tuesday)
Inquiries TEL: 0476-85-8155
Admission Costume rental fee: 1,000 yen to 7,000 yen

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