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The Circular Rishiri Island

The Circular Rishiri Island

Rishiri Island is located to the west of Wakkanai, Japan's northernmost point, and across the Rishiri Strait from the Sarobetsu Plain. It is a circular island about 20 km off the coast of Hokkaido that has a circumference of 63 km.
The symbol of the island is Mt. Rishiri (1,721 m), a beautiful cone-shaped peak which is also referred to as "Rishirifuji."

It has a treasure trove of alpine plants, including many species which can only be found on the island.
Circumnavigating the island is quite easy as well. The ascent from sea level (0 km) to the summit of Mt. Rishiri is not too difficult, and the course is quite popular. The island also offers delicious seafood from the surrounding waters.
Visitors can see seals at Senhoshimisaki Park and try "Milpis," a beverage that is made with lactic acid and is only available on Rishiri Island.


Name The Circular Rishiri Island
Address Rishiri District, Hokkaido
Web Sites (In Japanese) https://www.rishiri-plus.jp/
Inquiries TEL: 0163‐86-1001

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