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Japanese Sake in Nada (Nadagogo)

The tastes of Nada's sake range from Otoko-zake to Akibare

Nadagogo (Nada's five districts) is a collective name for the five sake brewery districts in the Nada area: Nishigo, Mikagego, Uozakigo, Nishinomiyago and Imazugo. This area has long been home to a number of sake breweries as the area is blessed with hard water called Miya-mizu that contains a lot of minerals perfect for sake brewing, as well as produces Yamada Nishiki rice, the top brand rice for sake. Nada's sake is generally dry with a slightly strong acidity, and its taste ranges from the intensely flavored "Otoko-zake (male sake)" when it is newly brewed to the more mature tasting "Akibare (fine fall weather)."

Nada's sake, a beverage created with the support of natural blessings from the area

Nadagogo extends over quite a distance from east to west, with the Rokko Mountain Range to the north and Osaka Bay to the south. The location offers a number of elements perfect for the sake industry to develop: cold winds in the winter, fast-running streams where waterwheels are placed to polish top-quality rice and a strategically located port nearby. In addition, it is home to the ingredients ideal for sake brewing: mineral-rich hard groundwater Miya-mizu, which adds the distinct flavor to Nada's sake. The most important element of all is the Tanba Toji, a group of sake brew masters who have developed Nada's sake through their strong bonds and collaborations and preserved the skills and tradition of their art.

Nada Danjiri Festival

The Nada Danjiri Festival has been held every May since 1996 to support the recovery from the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake. Five Danjiri floats featuring elaborate carvings and lanterns are pulled and proudly paraded through the streets, with the sounds of bells and drums accompanying the celebrations in the background.


Name Japanese Sake in Nada (Nadagogo)
Website http://www.nadagogo.ne.jp.e.agg.hp.transer.com/
Address 5-10-11 Mikagehon-cho, Higashinada-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo
Access Approximately 10 minutes' walk from Mikage Station on the Hanshin Railway
Inquiries TEL: 078-841-1101 (Nadagogo Sake Brewers Association)

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