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Yugawara Onsen

Quaint hot spring resort along a mountain stream that displays the beauty of each season

Only about an hour by train from Tokyo, Yugawara Onsen in Kanagawa Prefecture is a relaxing hot spring resort enveloped in the pleasant bubbling of a mountain stream. Each season paints a beautiful scenery, from the camellias blossoming in the spring to blazing red foliage in the fall. Established inns line the streets, welcoming guests with mineral-rich hot spring baths and delicious meals made with generous amounts of fresh local produce.

The plums of Yugawara Plum Grove in Makuyama Park announce the arrival of spring

From early February to mid-March, Makuyama Park is filled with the blossoms of around 4,000 red and white plum trees. Be mesmerized in the sweet plum fragrance as you admire the endless gradation of white and pink all around. From the top of Mount Makuyama, enjoy the amazing view of the deep blue Sagami Bay and Manazuru Peninsula.

Yukake Festival

The Yugawara Onsen's Yukake Festival, or the hot water pouring festival, is a fun event in which a portable shrine parades around the town while being doused with hot water by onlookers. Along the streets, 1,000 barrels of hot spring water and 5,000 wooden pails are prepared, and the onlookers gleefully pour around 60 tons of hot water onto the portable shrine, instantly soaking the carriers from head to toe. The exciting festival is an early summer tradition that brings together the parade and participants in joyous laughter like children splashing and playing in the water.

Fall foliage

The gorgeous fall foliage of Yugawara Onsen begins at Mount Daikan and the Okuyugawara area and gradually makes its way into town. Much of the trees on Mount Daikan turn yellow, coloring the entire mountain in a breathtaking gold tone. In Okuyugawara, take a stroll under the tunnel of red maple leaves and leisurely explore the quiet hot spring town. The Ikemine Hiking Trail in Okuyugawara passes through the Momiji-no-Sato, a beautiful foliage spot not to be missed. Enjoy the slow walk as you take in the gorgeous fall scenery of Yugawara everywhere you look.


Name Yugawara Onsen
Website http://yugawara-resort.com/
Address 566 Miyakami, Yugawara-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa (Yugawara-Onsen Tourism Association)
Access Yugawara Station on the JR Tokaido Line
Inquiries TEL: 0465-64-1234 (Yugawara-Onsen Tourism Association)

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