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Kanahebisui Shrine

Get fascinated by the beauty of peonies and wisteria flowers while offering a prayer for good financial fortune

Located in Iwanuma City in Miyagi Prefecture, Kanahebisui Shrine boasts a long history spanning 1000 years. The name Kanahebisui is spelled as "gold, serpent, and water" in Japanese, hence visitors come to worship the golden serpent enshrined here in prayer for good financial fortune and business prosperity. The shrine also has a good reputation for a variety of flowers such as cherry trees, wisteria, peony and azalea that offer beautiful sceneries from spring through early summer. The breathtaking wisteria trellis that is said to be 300 years old, as well as the garden with approximately 1,300 peony trees, please a great number of visitors in each season.

The Flower festival

The flower festival is held in mid-May every year at the time of the spring festival of the shrine. The peony garden is open to the public during the flower festival, allowing visitors to enjoy over 100 varieties of gorgeous peony trees at their best. You can also enjoy the beautiful flowers of the famous 300-year-old "nine-headed dragon" wisteria trellis.


Name Kanahebisui Shrine
Website https://www.tohokukanko.jp/en/attractions/detail_1260.html
Address 7 Miiroyoshi Suishin, Iwanuma-shi, Miyagi
Access Approximately 10 minutes' drive from JR Iwamuna Station
Approximately 20 minutes' drive from the Murata IC on the Tohoku Expressway
Business Hours Open 24 hours
Inquiries TEL: 0223-22-2672 (Kanahebisui Shrine)

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