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Fujigawachi Valley

Fujigawachi Valley is a beautiful spot hidden in Ume, a secluded village in Saiki, Oita.
Situated in the Sobo-Katamuki Quasi-National Park, the valley receives water from Mount Natsuki (a 1,386-meter-high mountain) that sits on the border of Oita and Miyazaki. The valley starts at Kannon Falls and extends some eight kilometers.

A work of art created by nature

The valley showcases the beautiful scenery of the changing seasons and also offers an extraordinary view of the Kuwahara River cutting through a huge granite slab. The sight gives the impression that nature used the river as a tool to sculpt the slab little by little over a long time to create this masterpiece.

Try canyoning and explore nature!

A canyoning tour is offered during the summer season (from mid-June to late September). You can enjoy the valley while jumping down rocks, sliding, climbing, and immersing yourself in this magnificent landscape. Join the tour to see and experience the various sides of this valley's natural beauty.


Name Fujigawachi Valley
Web Sites (In Japanese) http://saiki-kankou.com/ume/2018/07/1411
Address Ume Kiurauchi, Saiki-shi, Oita
Access 75 minutes by car from Higashi Kyushu Expressway Saiki IC
Inquiries TEL:0972-23-3400 (Aiki city tourist information office)

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