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Ryumon Waterfall

This exciting, two-tiered waterfall is 40 meters wide with a drop of 20 meters. A scenic site designated by the national government, it is carved out of the Tsukushi Lava Plateau.

Legend says that Lanxi Daolong, a Chinese Buddhist monk who traveled to Japan, visited this waterfall in the Kamakura Period (1185-1333). He named it "Ryumon Waterfall" after a similar waterfall in Henan Province, China. This waterfall is famous for "taki-suberi," a summer pastime in which people slide down the falls to the tune of cheering children. It is also a foliage-viewing spot in the autumn.

Plastic water boards are used to slide down the falls. They can be rented at the souvenir shop at the entrance to the falls. (Fees apply)

In summer, this area is visited by many families and young people who come to have fun camping. There is also a ryokan (Japanese-style inn) and souvenir shop.
If you stay at the campground near Ryumon Waterfall, you can relax and enjoy yourself without having to worry about parking.


Name Ryumon Waterfall
Web Sites (In Japanese) https://www.visit-oita.jp/spots/detail/4729
Address Matsugiryumon, Kokonoe-machi, Kusu-gun, Oita
Access 15 minutes by car from the Oita Expressway Kokonoe IC
Inquiries TEL:0973-73-5505 (Kokonoe cho tourism association)

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