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Former Second Residence of Lord Inaba of Usuki Domain

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Visit a mansion preserving the authentic samurai residential style

Usuki in Oita Prefecture was a castle town ruled by Lord Inaba. After the lord relocated to Tokyo in the late 1800s, the mansion was built in 1902 as a second residence for when returning to his hometown. Although the building was constructed in the modern era, it is a residence that retains the feel the age of samurai, and also features a beautiful stroll-type Japanese garden.

Former second residence of Lord Inaba of Usuki domain (Registered Tangible Cultural Property)

Since 1600, the Inaba clan has ruled the Usuki domain. The area around the family’s second residence used to be the outermost ring of Usuki Castle, the castle of the Inaba clan, and the location of important facilities such as the rice storage house and residences of senior vassals. Lord Inaba contributed to the development of Usuki even after moving to Tokyo and built this second residence for his frequent stays. The building was constructed in the modern era, but the architecture retains the style of a samurai residence. The beautiful stroll-type Japanese garden is also a must-see.

Large study hall conveys the formality of the former feudal lord family to the present

The building that stands in the center of the site is called Oshoin, or large study hall, which functioned as a space to welcome guests. It retains the characteristics of a samurai residence that values formality; there is a large entrance at the front, and the reception room and the second room (living room) are adjacent, so it was clearly a space for guests. While the building was used as a Japanese-style restaurant for some time, the building is well preserved, and the large study hall conveys the formality of the former feudal lord to the present.

Former Hirai Clan Residence (Oita Prefecture Designated Tangible Cultural Asset)

The former Hirai Clan Residence, which neighbors the garden of the former second residence of Lord Inaba of Usuki domain, is a mansion of a high-ranking samurai family in the architectural style of the Edo period. Believed to have been built in 1859, visitors can get a glimpse of life during the age of samurai through features such as the divided entrance, consisting of the main entrance for guests and a private entrance for family members.


Name Former Second Residence of Lord Inaba of Usuki Domain
Website (In Japanese) https://www.city.usuki.oita.jp/docs/2014013000108/
Address 6-6 Usuki, Usuki-shi, Oita
Access From Oita Airport to JR Usuki Station, drive or take the South Liner Expressway Bus for approximately 1 hour 30 minutes
Approximately 15 minutes' walk from JR Usuki Station
Approximately 15 minutes' drive from the Usuki IC on the Oita Expressway
Business Hours 8:30 to 17:00 (Final admission: 16:30)
Closed Open all year round
Inquiries TEL: 0972-62-3399
Admission Adults (high school students and older): 330 yen; Children (elementary and junior high school students): 160 yen

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