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Tsutenkaku Tower

Make a wish to the Billiken good luck statue enshrined in Osaka's iconic Tsutenkaku Tower!

Designated as a national tangible cultural asset, the 108-meter-high Tsutenkaku observation tower is hailed as one of the symbolic landmarks of Osaka. Day or night, the Gold Observation Platform where the statue of Billiken, the Deity of Good Fortune resides, offers a pleasant view of the entire city. The current tower is the second generation, but has a beautiful ceiling painting, which is a reproduction of the original painting of the first tower, making it a popular photo spot.

The defining symbolic tower of Osaka with a powerful presence!

The first Tsutenkaku Tower was built in 1912 as a symbolic tower of Osaka and its 64-meter height made it the tallest structure in the Orient at the time. The tower was named Tsutenkaku, which means the "building leading to heaven." The original tower was dismantled due to fire that severely damaged the building, but the current tower was reconstructed in 1956 at the request of the local citizens. Since then, Tsutenkaku Tower has continued to illuminate the city of Osaka until 23:00 after sunset every day with lights that show a different color set every month.

Get thrilled at the impressive cityscape of Osaka from atop the tower while feeling the wind

The special outdoors observation platform Tembo Paradise with a diameter of 8.5 meters is a special place that lets you enjoy an unobstructed view of the city from a height of 94.5 meters while directly feeling the seasonal breeze on your face high up in the air. The newly built TIP THE TSUTENKAKU is an extended section that measures 5.4 meters long and 1.5 meters wide that lets you gaze at the city 92.5 meters below. The tip has a see-through glass floor which is guaranteed to thrill and excite. An additional 500-yen fee for adults and 300-yen fee for those aged between 5 through junior high school students is required to enter the special outdoor observation deck.

The Billiken statue awaits you at the Golden Observation Platform

Standing 87.5 meters above the ground is the Golden Observation Platform with lavish decorations that can favorably compare with the Golden Tea Room of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, a powerful feudal lord in the 16th century, located inside the Osaka Castle. It offers stunning views of the entire city both day and night. The observation is also where the statue of the third-generation Billiken with blonde hair is on display. Billiken was originally created by an American artist who was said to have seen the god in a dream. With a strange expression that looks both like smiling and angry as well as a playful pose, the statue has been beloved for many decades. Every day, there is a line of visitors waiting to rub his feet to make their wishes come true.


Name Tsutenkaku Tower
Website https://www.tsutenkaku.co.jp/Guide-pdf/2019mishiranguide_english.pdf
Address 1-18-6 Ebisu-higashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Access Approximately 7 minutes' walk from Shin-Imamiya Station on the JR Osaka Loop Line
Approximately 4 minutes' walk from Ebisucho Station on the Osaka Metro Sakaisuji Line
Business Hours 10:00 to 20:00 (Final entry: 19:30)
Closed Open all year round
Inquiries TEL: 06ー6641ー9555
Admission Adults (High school students and older): 800 yen; Junior high school and elementary school students and children ages 5 or older: 400 yen

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