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Taku Seibyo

Taku Seibyo, Confucian Temple in Taku City, Saga Prefecture

Taku Seibyo is a Confucian Temple in the city of Taku, Saga Prefecture. It is a temple where the soul of Confucius, the founder of Confucianism, who is also known as the god of scholarship, is enrished. "Sekisai", a traditional ritual event for consoling the souls of Confucius and his disciples, is held twice a year, on April 18 and the fourth Sunday of October.
Shigefumi, the fourth lord of the Taku domain, founded the temple in 1708 to promote education and to nurture the spirit of "respect". It is one of Japan’s three most prominent Confucian temple and has been described as the most grand.


The octagonal Seigan case has a special device to ensure that the image of Confucius inside it cannot be removed. (Important Cultural Property of Japan)

Taku Seibyo’s Sekisai has been held for approximately 310 years, since its establishment in 1708. This ritual event is held twice a year, in spring and autumn, dedicated to the souls of Confucius and his disciples. In the solemn atmosphere, filled with the haunting strains of "gagaku", Japan’s ancient court music, chestnuts, "amazake" (a sweet drink made from fermented rice), and other offerings are made to images of Confucius and his four disciples. Led by the Mayor, who acts as “chief offerer,” placing the offerings before the images, education officials act as “festival servants,” carrying the offerings to the altar. After the ceremony, there is a Confucius Festival, at which the city’s junior and senior high school students perform the “Sekisai Dance”, as well as Chinese-style lion dances and Yoko (hip drum) performances.

“Statue of Confucius”

This statue was presented to Taku Seibyo by the City of Qufu in China’s Shandong Province, Confucius’s birthplace, in October 1997. The statue stands facing the direction of Qufu.


Name Taku Seibyo
Web Sites (In Japanese) http://www.ko-sinosato.com/
Address 1642 Higashinoharu, Takumachi, Taku-shi, Saga
Access 10 minutes by bus from Taku Station
10 minutes by taxi from Taku Station
Business Hours Open year round
Inquiries Koshi-no-Sato, Public Interest Incorporated Foundation

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