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Lake Biwa

Cycling around Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan

Sitting proudly at the center of Shiga Prefecture, Lake Biwa is the largest lake in Japan, and was created approximately four million years ago. Due to its size, it offers a wide variety of unique seasonal scenes in different areas. "Biwa-ichi" is a popular recent activity which involves cycling in a loop around this large lake. It has now been selected as one of the National Cycle Routes certified by the national government.

Try cycling alongside Lake Biwa

One lap around Lake Biwa is approximately 200 kilometers, so the ideal complete cycling trip would likely be for two nights/three days for the entire route, or just a few hours for shorter distances. There are many rental cycle shops near the lake, including those by JR Maibara Station, where the Shinkansen (bullet train) stops. Many of these shops offer bicycles for children as well, so the entire family can enjoy the ride. You can also find cyclist-friendly facilities in this area, such as trains that accept bicycles and establishments with bicycle parking racks.

Lake Biwa activities

In addition to cycling, there are numerous other attractions to be found around Lake Biwa. For example, many kinds of water-borne activities are available, such as cruises and SUP yoga. One way to enjoy the seasonal beauty in spring is to take a cruise from which you can check out the various spots around the lake for viewing cherry blossoms. The annual summer fireworks festival is also a popular attraction at the lake, with some fireworks launched from the middle of the lake itself, illuminating both the night sky and the lake's surface. Swimming and camping are also very popular, of course, and can be enjoyed by the lake along with its beautiful white sand beaches. The scenery around the lake changes with the seasons, and there are a variety of activities befitting each season.


Name Lake Biwa
Website https://biwaichi-cycling.com/en/
Address Uchidehama, Otsu-shi, Shiga
Access Approximately 10 minutes' walk from JR Otsu Station
Inquiries TEL: 077-511-1535

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