Email Service [Japan Domestic Flights]

We support your travel by sending you emails in a timely manner from booking to arrival.

  • When a customer makes a reservation with a Membership No. that has a registered email address, this email address will be shown automatically in the reservation information section.

Email notification timing

Convenient ANA email service the timing below.

Reservation notification emails (If you wish to have an email)

  • ・Complete your reservation and change or cancel a reservation.
  • ・Day before the payment deadline .(Payment not completed)
  • ・When payment is completed.
  • ・Seat waiting application completion message and the status of the seat waiting.

Notification Email for Arrival and Departure (If you wish to have an email)

  • ・Let the person dropping you off or picking you up at the airport know about your departure and arrival time.
  • * Emails will be sent after Departure and arrival.
  • * Up to two email addresses can be registered at once.

Reservation Confirmation Email (If you wish to have an email)

  • ・Notifies reservation information to the specified email address.
  • * After you complete the process on the email services registration screen、emails will be sent.

Flight status notification emails

  • ■Flight Status Notification
    ・Flight cancellation
    ・Weather conditions Check
    ・Conditional flight
    ・boarding gate has changed
  • ■Reservation change Notification
    ・Aircraft changes
    ・Change to the requested seat number
    ・Flight schedules change
  • ■The day before boarding Notification
    ・Reservation information
    ・Boarding gate
    ・Details of boarding procedures

We recommend that you register an email address which you can check while on the move.

* When a customer makes a reservation with a Membership No. that has a registered email address, the address will be registered automatically in the reservation information section.An email notification will be sent to the automatically registered email address regarding flight information.emails will be sent 24 hours a day.

How to Register

Email addresses can be registered during reservation or the method below.

  • image

Registering through Optional Services After Reservation

Please register using the screen displayed after completing your reservation, or from the Reservation Menu (which can found on the screen displaying your reservation details).

Registering Basic Reservation Information

You can register using My Menu after logging in from the top page.


  • ・Your security software and email client may cause emails from ANA to be automatically placed in the junk email or trash folders, or even deleted. Please set your email system to receive emails from in advance.
  • ・This email service is not available for international tickets containing Japan domestic sectors.