Customers with Walking Disabilities

Please feel free to inform us if you require any assistance.
We will help you get to your connecting flight within the same terminal. Please let us know in advance whether you have connecting flight or not so that the assistance goes smoothly.


When you make a reservation, please inform us what type of assistanse you require.

We assist customers with walking disabilities when ascending or descending stairs and moving inside the cabin.

Please let us know your medical condition.

In order to accommodate your needs please let us know your conditions.
If you match any of the following conditions, please give us details of your specific conditions by using the Checklist (PDF).

  • ■Able to up/down steps but unable to walk a long distance.
  • ■Unable to up/down steps but able to walk within the cabin.
  • ■Unable to walk by him/herself.

Please let us know if you have any seat preference.

Seats with movable arm rests are available.
Please note that emergency exit row seats are not available for customers who need assistance for safety reasons.

Inform us of your wheelchair specification.

Please let us know the dimensions (H x L x W), weight, and the type of battery (if it is electric).
We may not be able to accept non-foldable wheelchairs on certain smaller aircraft. please confirm in advance.
Please note that we may not be able to accept some types of wheelchair.
Please check with your wheelchair manufacture if you are not sure which kind of battery is attached.
For customers with electric/battery-powered wheelchairs, please bring the operation manual especially if the battery type cannot visually be identified.



Our cabin crew members can assist you in identifying in-flight meal items, and opening packages. However, our cabin crew members are not permitted to assist with feeding or personal hygiene and lavatory functions. For those customers requiring such assistance,it is required to have an escort. For customers whose doctor has noted that an escort is required, it is also required to have an escort.

You can travel with a service dog.

For further information, please check Assistance Dogs.

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Wheelchairs are available at all airports.

You may use wheelchairs from check-in counter in the ANA Departure Lobby. Because there are no wheelchairs in the parking lot or on the curbside, please have someone come get the wheelchair from the ANA ticketing counter.

When using a wheelchair, please fasten the seatbelt.

Some airports offer Large Wheelchairs and Reclining Wheelchairs. For details, please inquire ANA Reservation Information Center.

Early arrival is recommended.

Customers checking electric wheelchairs for domestic flights are asked to come to the check-in counter at least 60 minutes before departure (120 minutes before for internationa l flights) as it may take time to visually confirm the battery type and load the wheelchair.

You may check in your wheelchair before departure.

We ask for your understanding in advance that our staff may visually reconfirm the battery type of your wheelchair and the request of your special assistance. For customers who wish to bring your manual foldable wheelchair on board for international flight, please inform the airport staff upon check-in.

You may board prior to other customers.

We invite customers with mobility dificulties to board prior to other customers. If you wish to pre-board, please inform the staff at the boarding gate.
To make the accessibility better for wheelchair users, some airports are equipped with special boarding access facilities such as Wheelchair Stair Lift, Passenger Boarding Lift, AIsle Strecher, Ramp Board, and Scalamobil.

On Board

During takeoff and landing, all customers are requested to keep the seats in an upright position and fasten their seatbelts.

We have upper-body holding aid equipment for customers who have difficulty in remaining in a seated position can use.

Cabin Wheelchairs are available.

Cabin Wheelchair Wheelchair-accessible Lavatories cabin wheelchairs are available.
Please inform the cabin attendant if you wish to use it to move inside the cabin.

Crutches and canes are allowed to be brought on board. (Except those with sharp ends)

Please put your cane under the seat or stow it near you. As for crutches,cabin attendant will stow them in the closet.


Customers who requested special assistance when deplaning, please remain seated until the staff arrive to escort them off the plane.

The staff will take you to the arrival lobbies or your pick-up.
Your wheelchair will be returned at the arrival lobby and the staff assist you with transfering into your wheelchair.