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Hyuga City, Miyazaki, has a number of tourist destinations with beautiful scenery, including Umagase, Kurusu-no-umi, Omi Shrine, Mimitsu, and Okuragahama Beach.

Umagase refers to a precipitous cliff formed along the coastline at the tip of Cape Hyuga. It is a sequence of exposed pillar-like rocks that stretch 70 meters high and 100 meters deep inland. The name Umagase is said to come from one of the unique rock formations that resembles a horse’s back ("uma-no-se" in Japanese). An observatory has been built to provide a striking scenic view of this geological wonder backed by the surrounding ocean.


Name Umagase
Address Miyazaki Prefecture, Hyuga, Hososhima
Inquiries TEL: 0985-26-6100
FAX FAX: 0985-26-6123
Web Sites http://www.hyuga.or.jp/sightseeing/view/5?hl=en

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