Prior registration of information frequently used in reservation/purchasing through checking-in

By registering frequently used Basic Reservation Information in advance, such as routes, credit card numbers and e-mail address, ANA Mileage Club members can have such information displayed automatically on the reservation screen and process online transactions easily and quickly.Please register your Basic Reservation Information.

Basic Reservation Information that can be registered

● Reservation information
・Frequently used routes
・Boarding class
・Passport information (for International flights only)
・Seating preferences (for Japan domestic flights only)
・Frequently used fares (for Japan domestic flights only)

● Payment information
・Payment method
・Credit card information (up to 2 cards)

● Contact information
・E-mail address
・Mobile phone number

● Other information
・Support information for a passenger requiring special assistance
・Caregiver's Fare information * (for Japan domestic flights only)
・Areas you frequently stay overnight (Japan only)

  • * You can only view the information registered.(You cannot register or update information.)

How to register (update) information

Registration of "Basic Reservation Information" is only available to ANA Mileage Club members.

Use either of the following to register (update) information.

Via the top page

After login, click on "My Menu" on the top page. You can register from "Reservation information" under "View or update your Profile."

If you have a reservation

At the bottom of the Reservation Information screen, select to go to Register or Update Basic Reservation Information.