Safety Measures

Safety Information
24-Hour Telemedicine Support
24-Hour Telemedicine Support Service (International Flight only)
We introduce 24-Hour emergency medical support cooperated by US-based global telemedicine service, known as MedLink*.

Telemedicine Support Service
Our crew will be able to receive medical direction from MedLink's emergency physicians via radio or flight phone at anytime and from anywhere in the world, helping crew respond quickly and effectively to inflight medical care.
Having a direct connection with physicians through the MedLink service allows us to provide with superior support in the case of an inflight medical emergency. This represents an extra assurance of safety during our flight.

*Note: MedAire is a worldwide pioneer in providing emergency telemedicine care to those in remote locations. Since 1986 it has been setting the standard in providing a wide range of medical-related services and products designed specifically for the aviation and maritime industries. For further information on MedLink please visit MedAire's site at http://www.medaire.com/.