Medium-Term CSR Policy, Achievements and Goals

Enhance social and economic value by applying the Medium-Term CSR Policy

We aim to be the world's leading airline group by continuing to create economic value and social value through means unique to the ANA Group, with safety as the foundation of management.

Promoting Global CSR to Fulfill Our Long-term Strategic Vision

Under the FY2014-16 ANA Group Corporate Strategy, we have positioned CSR as a foundation for executing our strategy. Accordingly, the entire group has steadily implemented activities based on the Medium-Term CSR Policy, which sets forth specific guidelines for enhancing corporate value. Under the Long-term Strategic Vision unveiled in January 2015, we will work to create value and solve social issues in an increasingly diversified and complicated international society by undertaking businesses unique to the ANA Group, as its growth horizons continue to expand globally. By doing so, we aim to become a corporate group able to grow together with society.

Priority Issues of the Medium-Term CSR Policy

Medium-Term CSR Policy Direction of measures for FY2014-16
* Specific measures will be examined by each company according to brand and business sector characteristics
Pursue safety and security Build a system to enhance safety and security in all business processes
(flight operations, development, procurement, production, logistics, information disclosure, etc.)
Provide services and products that meet the needs of customers and society Promote the development of services and products for generating value for both the company and society, in addition to increasing customer satisfaction
Create vibrant workplaces with diverse employees Create a vibrant group by executing a human resource strategy
Promote CSR in cooperation with business partners Make a group-wide effort to share and instill the CSR guidelines that the group demands of business partners
Reduce environmental impact Achieve medium- to long-term environmental targets (Reduce CO2 emissions = promote fuel reductions and energy conservation) and implement improvements by making actual conditions visible
Promote social contribution that helps to vitalize local communities Contribute to the development of local communities worldwide and build good relationships that are vital to society
Establish CSR management on a global level Establish systems according to business sector, country, and regional characteristics, and strengthen PDCA cycles in group-wide risk management activities
Strengthen communication with stakeholders Bolster systems for disseminating information worldwide to increase the economic and social value of the entire group

Snapshot of Results of Activities Based on the Medium-Term CSR Policy

The following is a report on priority issues and results of activities in the fiscal year 2014 and goals for the fiscal year 2015 based on the Medium-Term CSR Policy.