Safety Measures

Safety Information
Equipment on Board
1. Life vests
Life vests can be found under or to the side of each seat. These are to be used in the event the aircraft has to make an emergency touchdown in water.
Children's life vests are also available. Your cabin attendants will distribute them as the need arises.
2. Emergency path marking
These lights are installed on the floor along the aisles in order to indicate the escape path to the emergency exits. Even if the cabin is filled with smoke, these lights will guide you to an emergency exit. Since smoke will rise to the top of the cabin please keep low when moving to an exit.
3. Life rafts
When the exit door opens, an escape slide will automatically deploy. The slide can be detached from the airplane and used as a life raft.
4. Oxygen Masks
If there is a lack of oxygen in the cabin, oxygen masks will automatically deploy from above your seat.
Completely cover your nose and mouth with the mask and pull the elastic straps until the mask fits snugly against your face.
Prior to takeoff, this safety equipment will be thoroughly explained in our safety video or demonstrated by our cabin attendants. Also, please read the safety guidance leaflet stored in the seat pocket in front of you as early as possible.