Safety Measures

Requests for assistance by the cabin attendant during an emergency
In case of an emergency, the use of evacuation slides is assumed. If you are assigned to an exit row seat you may be asked to assist our crewmembers in the case of emergency evacuation.
Where is the exit seat? exit
Exit seats are located in different areas depending on aircraft type.
Please check the signs posted next to the exit seats.
Please feel free to inform the cabin attendants if you are in an exit seat but are unable to assist during an emergency.

You may be required to perform the following tasks:
  • Keep other passengers clear of the emergency exit door until crewmembers securely open it.
  • After evacuating, assist other passengers coming down the emergency slide.
  • Direct other passengers to evacuate away from the aircraft immediately.
  • Others (Crewmembers will instruct the task when it is necessary).
Your appreciation and cooperation is required for a safe and comfortable flight.