Safety Measures

Carry-on baggage restrictions
How many bags can I carry on? Are there size restrictions? image
Domestic flights
Passengers may bring one carry-on bag onboard the aircraft. The bag must be no greater than 45cm x 35cm x 20cm and weigh no more than 5kg.Personal items such as umbrellas and cameras are exempt from this rule.
Any bag that exceeds allowable limits must be checked in at the check-in counter.

International flights
As a general rule, passengers are allowed to carry onboard only those personal items they may require during the flight. Carry-on baggage no greater than 115 cm in total (length, width, and height) can be carried onto the aircraft. If the sum of those three dimensions does not exceed 115 cm, more than one piece of carry-on baggage is allowed.
The following articles should never be carried into the aircraft cabin: Fireworks, explosives, flammable materials (lighter refills, camping gas cylinders), ski wax, hair spray, edged tools (knives, scissors, etc.), toy guns (model guns, lighters shaped like guns, etc.). Passengers are allowed to carry one golf club onto the aircraft.

Your appreciation and cooperation is required for a safe and comfortable flight.