At the airport



A splendid journey starts before your flight. At Narita Airport, ANA offers exclusive check-in service for our esteemed First Class and Diamond Service Members.

Priority lanes for security check / PRIORITY BAGGAGE SERVICE


Priority lanes for security check:First Class customers are able to use priority lanes at selected airports.
PRIORITY BAGGAGE SERVICE:The "First Class" priority tag will be attached to your baggage.



Welcome to ANA's Lounge ! Take a moment to unwind before your journey.
Spend every moment in total comfort before your departure, as ANA SUITE LOUNGE offers a personal space to relax in,
with the promise of incomparable luxury that our esteemed guests deserve.

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On board experience



A private space up in the skies.
The square cabin has been cleverly designed to provide the ultimate space, privacy, and comfort.The high-panel walls are furnished in contemporary wood tones for both the exterior and interior, creating the perfect room exclusively for our esteemed guests.



Refined dining at 30,000 feet. Menus and ingredients have been selected by the CONNOISSEURS, who include famous chefs from both outside and inside Japan, wine, coffee and alcohol beverage specialists, and the ANA chefs whom we are proud to say are the best among the world's airlines. Entertain your taste buds with the best of seasonal delicacies in Japanese Kaiseki style or with elegantly crafted Modern European dishes, as we provide the best of both worlds.



Choose from the latest blockbusters, or select rare films unreleased in Japan, as part of our exclusive feature film program. Select your favorites, from original ANA programs, to sports and music. Alternatively, indulge yourself by listening to one of many audio books. With our on-demand system, you can enjoy a wide variety of entertainment - anytime you like.

Duty-Free Shopping


ANA is proud to offer its in-flight duty free services with a wide selection of goods available at reasonable prices.
We offer original ANA items developed and designed as a collaboration between ANA and high class brands,as well as many items not yet available for sale within the country.
We also have rare items that are only available as priority sale items or limited edition items in Japan!



Have a good night's sleep with the best fabrics and technology.
A premium amenity kit containing the finest products will be given to each passenger, ensuring you a more pleasant journey on our long-haul flights.

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