Economy Class

Services for Economy Class Passengers

Economy Class passengers enjoy comfort and excellent customer service when flying with ANA. We work hard to make your flight as pleasant as possible.

Economy Class check-in counters

Economy Class Airport Services

We strive to make all the steps, from check-in to the boarding gate, as easy and comfortable as possible.

If you have already checked in online, there is no need to go to the check-in counter. For more information, refer to Online Check-In.

An airport lounge

Lounge Access

Please see our eligibility for lounge access for each airport and the services available.

Economy Class seats

Explore Our Economy Class Seats

Our Economy Class seats offer comfort and functionality to make your flight as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Economy Class seats

These newly designed seats were slimmed down to achieve a spacious seat pitch of 34 inches, yet remain just as comfortable as our previous model. The slim design of these reclining seats enables you to make the most of your legroom.

Available on:

Economy Class seats

With this seat's fixed-back shell design, you no longer need to worry about the passenger behind you when you recline your seat.

Available on:

Economy Class seats

Two new varieties of fabric give these seats a brighter ambience. The slim design of these reclining seats enables you to make the most of your legroom.

Available only on the A380:

Economy Class seats

The newly designed reclining seats are slimmed down to maintain their comfort and offer more space and enable to you to make the most of your legroom.

Available on:

Economy Class seats

These seats are comfortable and boast a sharp design. Certain aircraft also have seat monitors, making your journey even more enjoyable.

Available only on the B737-700:

ANA COUCHii seats

ANA COUCHii is the first couch seat to be offered by a Japanese airline. For an additional fee on top of the Economy Class fare, passengers flying between Narita and Honolulu under an ANA flight number can combine three or four seats to make a single couch seat. Only available on the A380. Check out COUCHii.

Economy Class Dining and Drinks

Paid Exclusive Dining

Flying internationally? Economy Class passengers can request paid in-flight meal service ahead of time. Get the details on our Meals page. (Note: Only applies to Japan departures.)

Economy Class Dining

We offer the cordial hospitality you expect from a Japanese airline, including carefully planned menus and drinks.

For information on children’s meals and meals meeting specific health or religious dietary requirements, please see Children’s and Other Special Meals.

Economy Class Drinks

Sit back and relax on board with one of our beverages. ANA staff and external advisors carefully select each offering.


Search for Meals and Drinks on Your Route

Children’s Meals and Meals for Dietary Requirements

ANA offers a wide selection of special meals for children and babies. We also have meals for passengers with specific dietary requirements for health or religious reasons, and for those with diet restrictions. Most require advance notice.

Get the details about Children’s and Other Special Meals.

Wi-Fi and Entertainment

Passengers can enjoy ANA’s in-flight entertainment, including movies, TV shows and more. Onboard Wi-Fi is also available for a fee on most flights.

girl and cabin attendant watching in-flight entertainment

In-Flight Entertainment

Flying in Business Class also means you can enjoy our in-flight entertainment in style with large LCD or 4K monitors that make it feel like home.

wifi access screen

ANA Wi-Fi Service

Passengers can subscribe to in-flight Wi-Fi Service for as little as $4.95 for a half-hour, depending on the aircraft. Full-flight plans are also available starting at $19.95.

in-flight duty free shopping

Duty-Free Shopping

Your time in the air is the perfect time for doing a little shopping. ANA SKY SHOP, ANA’s in-flight duty-free shopping selection, features a wide variety of products only available as duty free. You can even save by paying with your ANA card.

family talking with a cabin attendant in Economy Class

Economy Class Amenities

To create a relaxing experience in the sky, ANA offers a selection of comfortable and useful amenities to our Economy Class passengers. Feel free to request them from one of our cabin attendants.

pillow and banket

Routes: All Routes

Includes postcard, ballpoint pen and memo pad.

  • Limited stock
ANA Original Aroma

Experience ANA’s natural, originally blended aroma at ANA airport lounges or onboard, and spend your time in even greater comfort with a deep sense of relaxation. Learn more about the ANA Original Aroma.

Explore These Other Services

Person holding phone

Keep My Fare is a convenient service that enables customers to hold onto reservation and fare details if they need more time to decide their ticket purchases (up to 72 hours before ticket issuance). You can apply for the service from the payment screen after selecting your preferred flight and fare.


This is a convenient service that allows you to pay additional charges in advance on the ANA website for baggage that exceeds the free checked baggage allowance. The cost is $100-$200 USD depending on weight restrictions and travel destinations. Apply online after booking your flight.

Cabin seats in an ANA aircraft

Pay a reservation fee and make an advance reservation for aisle or window seats, a seat conveniently located toward the front of the aircraft, or one of our popular seats with extra legroom.

medical kit

To provide peace of mind to our customers, ANA provides a support system for passengers who need medical attention on board, including 24-hour access to medical professionals around the world.