First Class

Services for First Class Passengers

Our First Class passengers will receive world-class treatment when flying with ANA. That means elevated service from the moment you arrive at the departure airport, continuing with luxurious and attentive in-flight services, then sending you on your way after arrival.

firstclass check-in counter

First Class Airport Services

We strive to make all the steps, from check-in to the boarding gate, as easy and comfortable as possible for our First Class passengers, including priority check in at some airports. Just look for the First Class sign.

If you have already checked in online, there is no need to go to the check-in counter. For more information, refer to Online Check-In.

More Benefits for First Class Passengers

ANA SUITE Check-in

First Class passengers can check-in for their flight at the ANA SUITE LOUNGE at Narita Airport. Find out more about ANA SUITE CHECK-IN at Tokyo Narita.

first class priority baggage tag

First Class passengers who wish to check bags should proceed to the baggage drop counter, where a baggage tag will be attached with First Priority or First Class Priority printed on it. These bags will arrive first at Baggage Claim for easy and quick retrieval. Get More Baggage Information.

Some airports offer Fast Track check-in for First Class passengers, making the security check smoother. Please check the airport guide for your departure airport. Get Airport and City Information.

First Class passengers receive priority boarding after those who need special assistance.

priority disembarking

First Class passengers are welcome to disembark first from the aircraft. If you have checked bags, proceed to Baggage Claim, where your prioritized bags should arrive promptly.

Also, First Class passengers disembarking at Narita Airport can relax in the ANA Arrival Lounge before connecting to a domestic flight or leaving the airport. Find out more about our Narita Airport Lounges.

First Class Lounge Access

First Class passengers on ANA-operated international flights are invited to spend time in ANA lounges and ANA-affiliated lounges. Eligibility for lounge access and service details vary by airport.



"ANA SUITE LOUNGE" is available at Haneda Airport, Narita Airport, Kansai Airports and Honolulu Airport. At airports other than the above, our partner airline lounges are available. Please see lounge information for more details.

ANA SUITE CHECK-IN at Tokyo Narita

First Class passengers can check-in for their flight at the ANA SUITE LOUNGE at Narita Airport. Find out more about ANA SUITE CHECK-IN at Narita.

man sitting on first class seats

Explore Luxurious First Class Seats

Our First Class seats offer extraordinary comfort and functionality. These seats feature fully flat seats, doors for privacy, large LCD wide-screen monitors, closets for storage, and much more. Explore our First Class options below.

B777-300ER First Class The Suite

This new First Class seat provides the ultimate in comfort and functionality. Each seat features a door for privacy, a 43-inch 4K monitor, a seat that lays flat, plus much more. These seats can be configured to accommodate passengers traveling together. See details of The Suite.

Available only on B777-300ER (new 212-seat).

B777-300ER First Class seat

The self-contained shell square seat features high-panel walls and makes the best possible use of space to maximize comfort. Each seat features a 23-inch touch-panel LCD wide-screen monitor, multiple storage spaces, a large, movable table, and more. Available on B777-300ER (212seats). See details of ANA FIRST SQUARE.

Available on B777-300ER (212seats).

These First Class seats feature a door to ensure privacy and are equipped with the latest features, including a fully flat seat, a 32-inch widescreen monitor, a generous amount of storage space and much more. Available only on the Airbus A380. See details of Airbus A380 Fist Class seats.

Available only on the Airbus A380.

First Class Dining and Drinks

The Connoisseurs

To ANA, a "Connoisseur" is the embodiment of the ultimate host: someone with great knowledge in entertaining your palate. With the professional expertise of master chefs, beverage specialists and ANA chefs, we open new frontiers in the art of dining 30,000 feet in the sky. Enjoy the finest cuisine, only with ANA.

For details, Please refer to THE Connoisseurs.

First Class Dining

Made with the finest and freshest seasonal ingredients for gorgeous flavor, our First Class cuisine is planned and executed by prominent chefs from inside and outside Japan.

Highlights from the September 2023 to November 2023 menu on flights from Japan.

For information on children's meals and meals meeting specific health or religious dietary requirements, please see Children's and Other Special Meals.

Japanese and International Cuisine

We invite you to enjoy these meals created by some of the Japan and the world's most renowned chefs.


Yoshihiro Takahashi

The Japanese tiger prawn sushi from zensai plate is served with chrysanthemums and refreshing Kinome leaf in place of wasabi. Soy sauce-pickled salmon roe in a hollowed-out sudachi is served with aromatic yuzu peels. This is accompanied by a bowl of sudachi fruit juice and vinegar-marinated ginger. September will feature a small dish of Japanese mizuna greens, purple chrysanthemum, lotus root, myoga ginger, topped with grilled matsutake mushroom while October and November receive Kujo leek, purple chrysanthemum, wood ear mushroom, and pine nuts with ginger vinegar sauce. The main dish for September is cooked abalone with sea urchin and topped with wasabi. Enjoy with taro, eggplant, Manganji peppers, and grated winter melon in a thick stew. The main for October and November is barracuda wrapped in maitake mushrooms and grilled over a cedar plank. Be transported to the seaside and mountains of autumn with each bite.

Applicable Routes: Routes from Narita/Haneda to North America and Europe (excluding late night flights)

ANA Original

ANA Chefs - International Cuisine

A Scottish salmon mousse rolled with smoked salmon and served with caviar. Chicken mousse wrapped in dry-cured pork ham with a lightly sweet persimmon vinaigrette. The main is grilled wagyu beef let served with a special garlic and shallot sauce combined with unrefined moromi miso. Grilled chestnuts, Brussels sprouts, baby onions and an assortment of vegetables served over Chinese yam. Steamed flounder topped with a shrimp and scallop mousse and carefully selected shiitake mushrooms layered like scales. A Kujo leek risotto made with authentic Italian Carnaroli rice.

Applicable Routes: Routes from Narita/Haneda to North America and Europe (excluding late night flights)

Light Dishes

We invite you to enjoy these light dishes whenever you want during your flight. You will also find these dishes are a delicious follow-up to alcoholic beverages.

Photo of IPPUDO Plant-based "Pla-ton" Ramen

IPPUDO Plant-based "Pla-ton" Ramen

Newly available from December 2022, this plant-based pork bone flavor ramen does not contain any animal-derived ingredients. This vegan-friendly dish will allow a wider range of customers peace of mind to enjoy the richness and depth of Ippudo's popular ramen.

Applicable Routes: Routes between Europe and Japan, and flights bound for Japan from the U.S.A.


Beef Hamburger

ANA's Original Curry

First Class Drinks

Sit back and relax on board with one of our First Class beverages. ANA staff and external advisors carefully select each offering.

ANA's Premium Wine Selection

The finest red and white wines from top caliber wineries around the world have been selected to complement our First Class menu.

Around 2,000 brands of wine from 15 countries competed to be served by ANA. Find out more about our Premium Wine Selection.

Champagne Krug Grande Cuvée label

Champagne Krug Grande Cuvée

Champagne, France

Since 1843, Krug Grande Cuvée has embodied the vision of its founder, Joseph Krug. Every year, a new Édition is created: an extraordinary blend of over 120 wines from more than 10 different years, Blending so many wines from different years provides this myriad of flavours and aromas, something impossible to express with the wines of just one year. ANA First Class has been serving the supreme Champagne since its first international flight, in 1986.

Grapes: Pinot Noir / Meunier / Chardonnay

Available Routes: First Class on all routes

Paraduxx Proprietary Red Wine 2017 label

Paraduxx Proprietary Red Wine 2017

Napa Valley, California, USA

Following in the footsteps of the world's great blends, Duckhorn winery made red wines from Napa Valley. Weaving together the grandeur of Cabernet with the powerful flavors of Zinfandel, they have created a world-class wine. The sophisticated aromas of ripe cherry and cassis are married with sandalwood, clove, anise, and tea. A rich, decadent wine with lush black cherry flavors with notes of chocolate, spice and ground pepper create a lingering finish and smooth tannins.

Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon / Petite Verdot / Zinfandel / Petite Sirah / Syrah / Tempranillo / Merlot

Available Routes: First Class on all routes

Stag's Leap Wine Cellars Karia Chardonnay 2019 label

Stag's Leap Wine Cellars Karia Chardonnay 2019

Napa Valley, California, USA

Stag's Leap is a leading California winery that made history at the 1976 Judgment of Paris and sent shock waves across the world. The stag on the label symbolizes "courage, heroism, and vigor" and represents the style of the wine. The wine is characterized by a rich fruitiness and soft acidity, with aromas of apricot and tropical fruit immaculately balanced with notes of oak.

Grape: Chardonnay

Available Routes: First Class on all routes (It might be serving another white wine.)

Japanese Sake
Noguchi Naohiko Sake Institute "Yamahai Aiyama" (Fruity type) label

Noguchi Naohiko Sake Institute "Yamahai Aiyama" (Fruity type)

Noguchi Naohiko Sake Institute Inc. (Ishikawa)

Naohiko Noguchi - god of sake brewing - has launched a brewery as a new culumination of his dedication to the art of great sake for over 70 years. Aiyama is a fruity sake that elegantly harmonizes the sweet and sour aroma reminiscent of strawberries, the thick UMAMI and the lactic acid sourness from Yamahai brewing method using natural yeast.
19% ABV

Available Time Period: September 2023 to November 2023

Available Routes: First Class on all routes

Kokuryu Daiginjo Ryu (Light type) label

Kokuryu Daiginjo Ryu (Light type)

Kokuryu Brewery (Fukui)

Founded in 1804, Kokuryu brews sake that is loved throughout ages with maitaining their policy of making good sake. Soothing scent dominated by watermelon, banana, white lily, and a hint of fresh mint. The elegance and rich taste are well balanced with a long finish.
16% ABV

Available Time Period: September 2023 to November 2023

Available Routes: First Class on all routes

IWA 5 Assemblage3 (Rich type)

Shiraiwa K.K (Toyama)

IWA has a definite point of origin: the site of Shiraiwa, located in the town of Tateyama (prefecture of Toyama). Hence the company name, Shiraiwa, and the brand's name, IWA. A carefully orchestrated Assemblage (blend) of Sake by Richard Geoffroy delivering a unique balance of mouthfeel and complexity. A Sake absolutely true of Sake-with its salient flow of sensations-yet embracing and expanded in character.
15% ABV

Richard Geoffroy

Richard Geoffroy was the fifth chef de cave for Dom Pérignon Champagne and charted its the course for 28 years before embarking into a new journey to create "IWA". The Shiraiwa Kura opened in October 2021, in the town of Tateyama (prefecture of Toyama), standing between mountain foothills and arable flatland, with access to pure local mountain water. The site is designed by architect Kengo Kuma.

Available Time Period: September 2023 to November 2023

Available Routes: First Class on all routes

Shichiken Onakaya Junmai Daiginjo (Rich Type) label

Shichiken Onakaya Junmai Daiginjo (Rich Type)

Yamanashi Meijo (Yamanashi)

Founded in 1750, Shichiken has, and always will resonate with the nature of Hakushu to brew sake with water from Mt. Fuji and Japanese Alps. Tender sweetness and freshness in palate with a gorgeous aroma.
16% ABV

Available Time Period: September 2023 to November 2023

Available Routes: First Class on all routes

ARAMASA No.6 X-Type (Fruity type) label

ARAMASA No.6 X-Type (Fruity type)

Aramasa Shuzo (Akita)

Founded in 1852, Aramasa, which is No.6 yeast originated brewery, uses a long-standing Kimoto brewing process with local sake rice and its own No.6 yeast. The X type that is the highest quality model in "No.6" series are clean, crisp, and umami-rich. Crafted with highly polished rice, this elegant "X-Type" highlights the graceful yet robust yeast.
13% ABV

Available Time Period: Only served in November 2023, limited time/quantity offer*1

Available Routes: First Class on all routes

  • *1 This service will be ended when this products are out of stock.
A cup of matcha

ANA serves matcha to First Class passengers who request it. Enjoy Japanese tea culture, even on board.

Tea Selection
A cup of Dallmayr tea

Dallmayr is the only coffee roastery to also have decades of experience with tea. The

company was already purchasing precious tea leaves from special traders at the end of

the 19th century (around 1850). Since the 1930s, in regard to the high quality

standards of the delicatessen in Munich, the Dallmayr tea department was known for

its premium and outstanding tea varieties.

ANA's Specialty Coffee Selection
Pot of coffee

The Daterra ("from the earth" in Portuguese) is one of the largest coffee farms in Brazil, the world capital of coffee production. As a Rainforest Alliance (*) Certified farm, Daterra has long been committed to the cultivation of truly green coffee using innovative, ever-evolving technologies focused on every aspect of coffee. The superior beans from Daterra produce aromatic cups with a refined bitterness and rich flavors.

  • * Rainforest Alliance is an international non-profit organization working to create a more sustainable world by using social and market forces for a better future for people and nature.

Find out more at


  • Food and drinks are subject to change without notice. Your choice may not always be available.
  • Some menu items have been changed due to the shortage of chicken eggs caused by the spread of avian influenza.Details about the new menu items will be available on board the flight. We ask for your kind understanding in this matter.
  • All photos are sample images.
  • For information on the source of the rice used in accordance with the Rice Traceability Law, see Source of rice used in accordance with Rice Traceability Law (PDF) (Japanese only).

Search for Meals and Drinks on Your Route (PDF)

  • * The in-flight meal and drink menus are scheduled to be updated at the end of each of the following months: February, May, August, and November.
  • * Please note that menus are subject to change without notice, due to availability of ingredients.
  • * Due to limited availability, there may be cases where we are unable to provide the menu items of your choice. Thank you for your understanding.

Children's Meals and Meals for Dietary Requirements

ANA offers a wide selection of special meals for children and babies. We also have meals for passengers with specific dietary requirements for health or religious reasons, and for those with diet restrictions. Most require advance notice.

Get the details about Children's and Other Special Meals.

First Class Wi-Fi and Entertainment

In-flight Wi-Fi and entertainment for ANA First Class (international flights) passengers. See details on ANA Wi-Fi Service.

man using in-flight entertainment

In-Flight Entertainment

Flying in First Class also means you can enjoy our in-flight entertainment in style with large LCD or 4K monitors that make it feel like home.

ANA Wi-Fi Service

All First Class passengers can enjoy ANA Wi-Fi Service free of charge. A free Wi-Fi access card will be distributed by cabin attendants after boarding. The card is valid only for the specific flight.

in-flight duty free shopping

ANA First Class Duty-Free Shopping

ANA offers a wide range of In-flight sales lineups. Please enjoy affordable price only available at Duty-Free Shopping.

First Class Amenities

To create a relaxing experience in the sky, ANA offers a selection of luxurious amenities to First Class passengers. Feel free to request them from one of our cabin attendants.

  • * Amenity services may vary by route.
  • * Images are used for reference purposes only.

The Ultimate in Comfortable Travel

logo of nishikawa and tenerita

Softness, lightness, insulation, and breathability are the deciding factors for a comfortable sleep. Our new feather down comforter is made using Nishikawa Sangyo's proprietary techniques to improve insulation. And our pillow is airy and fluffy, and boasts high-quality Hungarian white duck down for a pleasant rest. The bedding set comes complete with a soft TENERITA blanket and 100% pure organic cotton lounge wear.

Bed pad, Comforter, Pillow
Bed Pad, Comforter, Pillow and Blanket

The Nishikawa AiR bed pad is favored by many athletes when they travel abroad. This conditioning pad disperses the pressure placed on your body through a unique, three-layer structure, maintaining a favorable sleeping position and promising a good night's rest. AiR's excellent design is lauded both inside and outside Japan, winning design awards around the world.


Passengers can enjoy a pleasant sleep with our Nishikawa comforter. Produced with Nishikawa Sangyo's fresh up process*, this feather down comforter offers an additional insulation. Encased in a 100% pure Egyptian cotton cover, our comforter is soft to the touch and ensures a good night's slumber.

  • * The fresh up process involves fluffing up the down using hot steam, cooling it down and removing any impurities or fibers, and then selecting only the finest pieces.

Made with high-quality Hungarian white duck down, our fluffy and airy pillow has excellent moisture absorbency so that passengers can enjoy a pleasant sleep without feeling stuffy. The pillow case boasts 100% pure cotton and is soft to the touch, ensuring a good night's slumber.


The TENERITA blanket is made from safe, high-quality organic cotton that has passed international standards. With the front side of the blanket made of the finest cashmere, it features both the breathability of cotton and the insulation of cashmere. Made from excellent-quality materials, this soft and light blanket delivers comfort.

Loungewear for Traveling in Style and Comfort

This eco-friendly knitted top and bottoms set is made entirely from organic cotton.

It's soft to the touch and offers a comfortable fit. The accompanying storage pouch also makes it easy to carry the set around. Customers are free to take the loungewear home with them.

Amenity pouch set
amenity kit

An amenity kit with the products is prepared to each passenger, to ensure you have a more pleasant journey on our long-haul flights.

ANA Original Globe-Trotter Pouch
  • * The shape and color of the pouch available may vary depending on the time of year.
  • T' cut&sewn maison original small bag
  • Tooth brush set, eye mask, ear plugs
Other First Class Amenities
knit wear
  • * Limited stock

Routes: All Routes

Routes: All Routes

Routes: All routes

Post card, ballpoint pen, memo pad

  • * Limited stock

Routes: All Routes

  • * Limited stock

Routes: All Routes

ANA Original Aroma

Experience ANA's natural, originally blended aroma at ANA airport lounges or on board and spend your time in even greater comfort with a deep sense of relaxation. Learn more about the ANA Original Aroma.

Explore These Other Services

Person holding phone

Keep My Fare is a convenient service that enables customers to hold onto reservation and fare details if they need more time to decide their ticket purchases (up to 72 hours before ticket issuance). You can apply for the service from the payment screen after selecting your preferred flight and fare.


This is a convenient service that allows you to pay additional charges in advance on the ANA website for baggage that exceeds the free checked baggage allowance. The cost is $100-$200 USD depending on weight restrictions and travel destinations. Apply online after booking your flight.

medical kit

To provide peace of mind to our customers, ANA provides a support system for passengers who need medical attention on board, including 24-hour access to medical professionals around the world.

ANA Wi-Fi Service logo

With our in-flight Wi-Fi, you can access the internet and your email, and stay connected using your smartphone, tablet or other devices. A card with instructions for connecting can be found in your seatback pocket.

Aircraft and In-Flight Service Information

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