ANA Group Diversity & Inclusion Declaration

We promote diversity and inclusion throughout the ANA Group. We value the diversity of age, nationality, gender, values, and disabilities and draw on them as a strength to promote a variety of activities that engender further initiatives.

In April 2015, the ANA Group CEO announced the Diversity & Inclusion Declaration. A dedicated organization was also established to promote women, people with disabilities, older employees and people of other nationalities, and we are working towards improving and enhancing work styles and workplace environment.

We will:

  • Consider Diversity & Inclusion as the source of innovation and value the diversity of our employees.
  • Endeavor to create a workplace where each person can fully demonstrate his or her strengths.
  • Create an ANA Group where each person can work with spirit and purpose, to generate unwavering trust and constant innovation.

For ANA Group to become a truly diverse organization, we are committed to creating an environment where there is open dialogue across race, age, gender, affiliation, role and value systems, where being mutually supportive can strengthen the entire Group.

The ANA Group's Major Initiatives for D&I Promotion


  • Global standardization of personnel system
  • Expanding overseas employment of cabin attendants
  • Promoting the flow of domestic/overseas human resources, such as through early overseas dispatches of young Japanese employees

Support for active seniors

  • Messages from leaders incorporating their expectations for active employment of people 60 and over
  • Expanding fields that leverage abundant experience and expertise, utilizing true capabilities
  • Enhancing career training for experienced people and seniors

Support for the success of women

  • Advancement measures, such as systems and training, through collaboration among people who are supporting the success of women at each Group company
  • Expanding network of female managers among the Group
  • Support for both work and child-rearing/nursing care, support for the participation of men in child-rearing

Employment of people with disabilities

  • Further adoption of the 36K-Employee Kickoff Group code of conduct
  • Conducting educational activities in rank-based training, meetings of people in charge of human resources, etc.
  • Establishing workplaces in which all employees, regardless of their challenges, can play an active role

Promotional Activities

Forums & Seminars

In January 2017, the Second D&I Forum was held with approximately 180 management level participants under the theme of "Steps Toward Inclusion - Small Steps to Take Today."

It was an opportunity to discuss specific actions to achieve inclusion and innovation through third party presentations and workshops on unconscious bias.

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Group-Wide Initiatives

Each Group company develops its own HR strategies that reflect the characteristics of its operations and areas of specialization to boost its employees' capabilities. In addition, the Group companies strategically link their hiring, assignment, education, training, and compensation to maximize personnel development. In 2007, ANA JINZAI (Human Assets) University was established to provide educational opportunities based on ANA's Way across the Group.

In addition to group training for different levels in the organization, the ANA Group offers ANA Group Business School for nurturing future leaders. The Business School focuses not only on the development of business skills, but also helps participants develop their strengths and sensibilities through liberal arts education and offsite fieldwork so they can expand their views and enhance their capabilities as next-generation leaders.

Focus is also placed on managing talent across the group through a Group Advanced Career System that enables employees to expand their field to the entire Group so that highly specialized personnel can contribute to developing a solid group structure through mutual encouragement and working together towards a common goal.

There are a variety of other Group-wide activities and systems such as open seminars that employees can freely select based on their interests and roles, correspondence courses, inter-company transfers of employees, and internal job postings.

Major Initiatives

ANA Group Business School
In addition to group training for different levels in the organization, the ANA Group offers ANA Group Business School for future leaders of the organization.
The Business School focuses not only on the development of business skills, but also helps participants develop their strengths and sensitivities through liberal arts education and offsite field work so they can expand their views and enhance their capabilities as next-generation leaders.
ANA Group Middle Management Training / New Managers Training
ANA Group employees join the organization under different circumstances, and have various thoughts about their future when they reach a certain management level. Employees are given the opportunity to share their views with colleagues from different backgrounds, acquire the skills necessary for their new positions, and build networks across the Group.
Internal Job Postings within the ANA Group
There are a variety of domestic and international job postings within the Group that help enhance career development and applications throughout the organization, which help boost the capabilities of the Group as a whole.

Global Initiatives

The ANA Group is standardizing the qualifications of all levels of management internationally through the Global Job Band system. By developing a standard HR Platform, we are promoting cross-border job mobility, assigning the best talent for each job, and offer international training and assignments to support the rapid global expansion of our business. We have also expanded joint training programs for employees hired in Japan and abroad, increased liberal arts education necessary for global competency, and education of human rights issues. In order to respond to our customers' diverse requirements, we have increased recruitment of non-Japanese flight attendants and established a Global Promotion Division within the In-flight Center to strengthen our response capabilities.

Global competency is a key element of career development in ANA's HR development strategy. We are boosting efforts to build a talent base that can support ANA's ongoing globalization through a system for all general managerial employees to develop their global competency by experiencing working abroad within the first ten years of their careers. Our partnership with the online language training company, EF Education First Ltd. furthers our goals for achieving language skills for everyone across the Group.

Major Initiatives

Internal Job Postings for Overseas On-the-Job Training
We have a system for employees to apply for overseas on-the-job training as a stage for personal growth and for developing talent that will contribute to the Group's growth.
Global Skills Improvement Training
To develop people who can execute operations on behalf of the Group on the global stage, we offer a program to help with cross-cultural understanding, which is a skill that is crucial in global business.
Exchange Programs
We are expanding training and job opportunities for employees hired abroad so that they can contribute to the development of leaders at overseas offices and help globalize our domestic offices.

Promoting Women in the Workplace

The ANA Group has created ANA-WINDS (ANA-Women's Innovative Network for Diversity) to support networking among management-level women across companies and divisions. We also announced our support for Positive Action Promotion established by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and set our own targets -- to increase the ratio of women in management to 15% by the end of March 2020 -- for enhancing the status of women across the Group.

Numerical targets for enhancing the status of women across the Group (through the end of FY 2020)

Major Initiatives

Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs)
The ANA Group has endorsed the Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs) developed by the UN Global Compact and UN Women to promote gender equality and women's empowerment.

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ANA-WINDS (ANA-Women's Innovative Network for Diversity) started in fiscal year 2014 as a forum for women in management positions across the ANA Group for learning and networking.

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Various Seminars
Various seminars related to issues such as childcare and elderly care that many women are faced with are held by third party speakers and role models within the Group, and information is provided in various ways.

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Programs and Initiatives to Support Employees


Work-Life Balance Support
  • Reduction of work hours during pregnancy
  • Time off for doctor's appointments during pregnancy
  • Time off for childcare and sick care
  • Time off for birth and childcare for moms and dads
  • Reduction of work hours
  • Reduction of work days
  • Childcare days
  • Overtime exemptions / limits
Elderly / Sick Care
  • Elderly/sick care leave
  • Reduction of work hours
  • Reduction of work days
  • Elderly/sick care days
  • Overtime exemptions / limits
  • Exemptions from late-night shifts
Other Support
Work Style Reforms
  • Flextime
  • Telecommuting
  • Half-day PTOs
Personal & Career Development Support
  • Transfer to career-track positions
  • Waku-waku time off
  • Time off for spouse's relocation
  • Re-hiring of alumni
    (for flight attendants)
  • Overseas on-the-job training
  • Open job postings across the ANA Group
  • ANA Group Smart Challenge
  • Global Challenge Study Abroad
  • Open seminars for employees
  • Subsidies for online education
  • Recognition of same-sex partners


Work-Life Balance Support
  • Distribution of ANA's guidebook for returning to work
  • Interviews before and after maternity leave
  • Consulting services
  • Seminars for working mothers
  • Seminars for employees returning from maternity leave
  • Subsidies for babysitters and day care
  • eLearning educational courses during leave
  • Exchange through in-house Google+ community
  • Distribution of ANA Ikuboss & Ikumen handbooks
  • Hello Baby Card
Elderly / Sick Care
  • Distribution of handbook for working while caring for a sick or elderly family member
  • Consulting services (in-house and external)
  • Elderly/sick care seminars and sessions
  • Referrals to elderly/sick care services
  • Subsidies for elderly/sick care costs
  • Subsidies for in-home elderly/sick care
  • Multilevel training for elderly/sick care
Other Support
Work Style Reforms
  • Participation in Ikuboss Alliance
  • Participation in Dad's (Papa's) Day Off
  • Distribution of ANA Ikuboss & Ikumen Handbook
  • Ikuboss seminars
  • ANA Kids' Day - take your child to work day
  • Collaborative events with other companies
    (such as Telecommuting Day)
  • No overtime days
  • Establishment of PTO goals
Career Development Programs
  • ANA Virtual Hollywood Program
  • Consulting services
  • Educational programs for employees

Awards and Declarations

Women in the Workplace 2016 Nadeshiko Brand by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
D&I 2015 New Diversity Management 100 Companies by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
LGBT Highest Gold Status in work with Pride's (wwP) 2016 Pride Index
Work Style Reforms Award of Excellence in Japan Telework Association's 16th Teleworking Promotion Awards
2016 TW100 Telework Pioneers by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
Women in the Workplace Declared support for the Male Leaders' Group to Accelerate Women's Roles in the Workplace
Endorsed the Women's Empowerment Principles
Work Style Reforms Declaration by ANA Holdings CEO, Shinya Katanozaka, is featured in the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's Ikuboss Declaration

Promoting Employment of People with Disabilities

The Group Reaches Mandatory Quota

In 2012, the ANA Group embarked on a Group-wide initiative to increase the number of disabled employees by establishing a Disabled Hiring Promotion Office. We drew on the expertise of each member company to launch a website with employment opportunities for people with disabilities and to hold Group-wide interviews to increase our competitive position in hiring and systematically increase employment.

Together with these Group-Wide Initiatives, each member company proactively engaged in hiring, resulting in all 37 group companies having achieved the 2.0% disabled employee quota mandated by the government.

Change in Employees with Disabilities in the ANA Group

Change in number of companies attaining the mandated disabled employee quota (all 37 group companies)

Powered by Employees with Disabilities

There are currently more than 550 ANA Group employees with disabilities who are working diligently in a variety of roles such as ensuring safe operation of aircraft, providing services to customers, and supporting staff at their work sites. Each one of these employees is an indispensable asset of the Group.

In Osaka, the Osaka Document Center was established in May 2013 as a joint venture of ANA Wing Fellows Vie Oji Co., Ltd. and ANA Aero Supply Systems Co., Ltd. Currently, twenty employees with disabilities work at the Osaka Document Center, handling the paper-to-electronic processing of data, including aircraft maintenance records. These operations allow us to respond to inquiries on aircraft maintenance from around the world in a timely fashion, and contribute to safe flight operations. The Center has generated considerable interest from the community and has received visits by representatives of vocational support facilities and special-needs schools. In June 2014, the Center received a Certificate of Appreciation signed jointly by the Governor of Osaka Prefecture and the Mayor of Osaka City.

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Osaka Document Center

In Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, a convenience store was opened at the Tonomachi Business Center in July 2014. All the convenience store staff have disabilities, including those with hearing impairments. Despite their challenges, the staff have devised non-verbal means of communication to serve customers. This resulted in unique methods of communication between store staff and customers, including customers who started to greet the staff in sign language.

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Convenience store staff at Tonomachi Business Center

ANA Group Code of Conduct for the Employment of People with Disabilities

Although HR managers of the ANA Group have taken the initiative to promote understanding and awareness of hiring people with disabilities, the understanding has not been sufficient, especially as some departments do not have disabled employees. So the ANA Group created the 36K-Employee Kickoff, a code of conduct for the employment of people with disabilities in the ANA Group. The code was developed after holding several meetings and overnight sessions at the ANA Training & Education Center. More than fifty employees, including HR managers from Group companies and people with disabilities, took part in the meetings and sessions.

Now that all Group companies have met the legally mandated employment quota, the 36K-Employee Kickoff will be a basis to promote awareness and understanding related to hiring people with disabilities among all employees. The ANA Group is committed to becoming a strong organization where all employees, regardless of their challenges, can play an active role.

All of us ANA Group companies hire people with disabilities not because it is mandated by law, but because it is the natural responsibility of a socially-conscious public enterprise and because they are valuable assets to the Group.

Therefore it is important that all Group employees possess a correct understanding of disabilities and the diversity of people with disabilities. By implementing the following points, our goal is to create a vibrant, dynamic organization where each employee can work with confidence and pride, and reach his or her full potential.

  • All of us employees will make our best efforts to alleviate inconveniences in the workplace for those with disabilities.
  • We will fully appreciate one another and respect each person's individuality. Employees with disabilities will communicate their needs to their colleagues, and will help gain understanding from those around them.
  • We will pursue infinite possibilities by focusing on what our employees can do, rather than what they cannot do.
  • The ANA Group believes that each employee, regardless of his or her disability, is indispensable to the success of the business. Therefore we will provide opportunities to all employees to be successful.

Smart Challenge Job Transfer System within the Group

There are various changes that employees with disabilities may experience in the course of their careers. Some may seek new challenges to advance their careers, while others may find it difficult to continue working in their current capacity due to changes in the work environment or their situation.

On June 1, 2015, the ANA Group implemented the Smart Challenge system to help employees with disabilities continue drawing on their strengths by seeking challenges beyond the confines of their Group company.

Activities to Promote the Employment of People with Disabilities

Group Meetings

At the fiscal year 2014 meeting for managers responsible for the employment of people with disabilities, there were intensive discussions on the formulation of the ANA Group code of conduct for the employment of people with disabilities. There were in-depth exchanges on the hiring of people with disabilities across the ANA Group, along with creating action plans and future visions. These discussions formed the basis of the 36K-Employee Kickoff.

  • October 7-8 (overnight sessions): 1st Meeting for Managers Responsible for Employment of People with Disabilities
  • October 15-16 (overnight sessions): 2nd Meeting for Managers Responsible for Employment of People with Disabilities
  • October 30: 1st Meeting for the formulation of "Fundamental Mindsets"
  • November 12: 2nd Meeting for the formulation of "Fundamental Mindsets"

ANA Group Job Fair for People with Disabilities

The ANA Group Job Fair for people with disabilities was held at the ANA Auditorium in Haneda Airport on July 22, where 159 people applied for interviews. It was the eighth job fair (including those held in the Osaka region) since the first event in fiscal year 2013.

The post-interview questionnaire resulted in many positive feedback from participants concerning communication with the interviewers, Hello Work staff, and sign language interpreters. The were some positive comments that reflected the connections the interviewers and applicants made within the limited scope of an interview such as, "My interviewer was very warm and kind so I didn't feel nervous, and could relax during the interview," "Although it was a short interview, my interviewer answered my questions thoroughly and listened to what I had to say," and "I applied to three companies and was impressed by the personalities of all interviewers. I am really hoping that I will be able to join the ANA Group."

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