ANA Future promise Human rights/D&I Assistance information Registration Service makes your reservation smoothly  ANA Future promise Human rights/D&I Assistance information Registration Service makes your reservation smoothly

August 4, 2021

ANA provides the "Assistance information Registration Service" to allow customers who need assistance to register what kind of assistance they need at the airport or on board, so that they can fly smoothly and with peace of mind.

What is the Assistance information Registration Service?

This is a service that allows passengers with physical disabilities due to illness, injury, or disability to register the information they need for assistance at the airport or on board.


For example, we used to ask wheelchair users to provide the information necessary for us to assist them each time they made a reservation.By using this service, you only need to provide your ANA Mileage Club customer number, and the staff will be able to check your pre-registered information to make your reservation smoothly.

Types of Information You Can Register

  • Walking ability

  • Information on wheelchair to be checked in (manual, electric, foldable or non-foldable, size, spare battery)

  • Whether or not you have a visual/hearing impairment

  • Medical equipment to be used on board the aircraft

  • Assistive equipment to be loaned requiring special arrangement

  • Assistance required at the airport or on board


Booking on the ANA website will also be easier!

We will register your assistance information to the column of customer information of ANA Mileage Club member. A part of registered information can be indicated on the page of customer's basic information on ANA Web site and the screen view for reconfirmation upon international reservation.

After confirming the registered contents at the ANA Disability Desk, we keep all your assistance information and will take it over to airport agents and cabin crews.

Customers' Voice

We have received comments from customers who have actually used the service, such as, "I used to have to enter information on how to help each time, but after registering my information, it became easier to make a reservation," and "I feel safer by having the information entrusted in advance.‘‘

ANA Group will continue to aim for  "delightful, kind-hearted and comfortable skies for everybody"  by providing universal services that are attentive to customers.

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