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System Requirement

Check the operating environment

We recommend that you use one of browsers below so that you can navigate through the ANA website securely.

Windows (excluding Windows RT)


Latest version of Google Chrome
Latest version of Microsoft Edge



Latest version of Google Chrome

  • Contact forms, FAQ pages and chats may be displayed incorrectly on some devices and on certain browsers and applications.

Upgrading Your browser:

Notes on Browser

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    Note that, even when the recommended environment is met, some display malfunctions may occur and various functions may be unavailable depending on the combination of your browser and OS. (Such malfunctions may also occur when various browsers are used in their beta version, preview version, etc., or when some add-on features are used.)

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    We are doing our share to support new browsers as they are released, but the display and operation may not be stable with new browsers due to browser-specific bugs that are not yet disclosed.

About Security

For secure transmission of your data, ANA website uses cryptographic communication technology called TLS(Transport Layer Security).


TLS is a scheme to protect data transmission over the Internet by two-way authentication adopting digital signature and encrypted communication.


TLS encrypts the personal data you enter, including your credit card information, before the data is transmitted to a server.Therefore, no third person can read your personal data.


When you see a "key" at the bottom of your browser window, the browser is in TLS mode.No special settings are required on your browser for using TLS.However, older versions of browsers may not be capable of displaying the content of this site in TLS mode.

Move to SHA-2 SSL Server Certification

For server certifications used in encrypted communication (SSL/TLS), there has been a worldwide movement towards using the SHA-2 encryption algorithm. The algorithm is safer than SHA-1, which has been widely used up until this point. To provide greater peace of mind to all of our ANA website customers, we moved to SHA-2 certification as of March 15, 2016.

Effects on customers


With these changes,  Windows XP Service Pack 2 users have been unable to view images or use services on the sites in question.

Main user problems for ANA website



PCs using versions of Windows older than Windows XP Service Pack 2

About JavaScript

Some contents of ANA Website are created using Javascript.

Your browser is usually Javascript-enabled by default.We recommend a Javascript-enabled browser for viewing all the contents of ANA website.

Resolution/Font Size of Your PC

The following resolution and font size are recommended.

[Resolution] 1024 x 768 pixels or more / 16 bits or more [Font size] Medium

Customers Using a Smartphone/Tablet

ANA SKY MOBILE, an ANA site aimed at smartphone users, is guaranteed for the following devices sold by Japanese cell phone carriers:


・Android smartphones


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    These devices are sold by NTT docomo, SoftBank, AU and Y!mobile.

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    SIM-free devices, MVNOs (cheap SIMs), Android feature phones, tablets etc., are not applicable.

The following browsers are recommended:

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    Depending on your phone settings and available memory, there may be cases where the applicable devices do not function normally.

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    Errors may occur with reservations-related functions on new cell phone models where changes have been made to pre-installed browsers.

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    This information is correct as of March 9, 2017.

[Android browsers]

■Pre-installed browsers


Pre-installed browsers refer to the following:

1 Browser icon 2 Chrome icon
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    Please use the ② icon if it is available.

[iPhone browsers]

It is recommended to use the pre-installed iPhone browser.


■Pre-installed browser


Please use the pre-installed Safari browser.