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August 25, 2023

ANA and JAXA jointly exhibited a booth at the Shiodome Summer School 2023, which was held under the theme of space, science, and sustainability, and included a hands-on program for the children to learn how airplanes and satellites work.
We would like to introduce the sustainable experiences and exhibits that ANA conducted at Shiodome Summer School 2023.

Demonstration Booth

At the demonstration booth, how atmospheric components are measured from the sky in the "GOBLEU Project" was demonstrated. The GOBLEU project is a joint research project between ANA and JAXA to measure atmospheric components from the sky and aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions based on data obtained from observations of atmospheric composition.

Demonstration booth for the GOBLEU project

Hands-on Booth

At the hands-on booth, two items created by discarded aircraft parts were used to provide children with a fun mechanic experience.

One of the hands-on items was the investigation of navigation lights attached to both ends of an aircraft's wings. The participants arranged the parts that were removed and discarded from the aircraft, connected electrical connectors, diagnosed faulty connections, and finally experienced the process of energizing the lights and turning them on.

Navigation light inspection work experience

In the second item, the participants experienced the process of non-destructive inspection, which is actually performed by mechanics to detect small scratches invisible to the naked eye with a black light. The participants practiced finding scratches in a dark box using aircraft parts that were actually discarded after scratches were found during the inspection.

Non-destructive inspection experience

The wooden benches used in the hands-on booth were handmade by ANA mechanics using scrap wood from wood pallets used to load aircraft cargo. The burnt-in "ANA Future Promise" logo on the right side of the bench was also handmade by mechanics using brass so that it could be reused.

Handmade bench made from scrap wood pallets

Exhibition Booth

At the ANA exhibition booth, ANA mechanics provided children with easy-to-understand explanations of the mode control panels of electronic equipment actually used in mechanic training, pitot tubes and various antennas that were actually installed on aircraft.
The base of the exhibits is made from some of the same discarded wood pallets used for the chairs in the hands-on booth, and the acrylic cases over the exhibits are made from acrylic plates used as partitions in ANA's offices, carefully cleaned, and reused.

Exhibition Booth

JAXA's exhibition booth featured a 1/10 scale model of the Greenhouse Gases Observing Satellite "IBUKI (GOSAT)" and full-scale models of each sensor, etc. Mr. Kuze, a world-renowned expert on satellite greenhouse gas observation, gave children an explanation.

Mr. Kuze (right) and ANA mechanic Mr. Oi (left) with the satellite model

Sustainable giveaways

As prizes for the stamp rally, children who came to the event were given specially made bookmarks remade from carbon fiber reinforced plastics, which is actually used in aircraft repair. carbon fiber reinforced plastics has a set expiration date, and once the expiration date is reached, the material is discarded even if it is not used, so the material which has reached the expiration date was used to make bookmarks for the giveaways.

Sustainable giveaways

ANA will continue its efforts to be environmentally friendly.

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