Collective Efforts of the Star Alliance

Star Alliance

ANA is a member of Star Alliance, which is comprised of 28 member airlines as of July 2015, following the addition of Avianca Brazil Airlines. Star Alliance aims to increase customer satisfaction through the three pillars of route network, seamless airport services, and mileage program.

ANA employees are assigned to Star Alliance offices and actively participate in various expert committees to implement measures toward enhancing the overall quality of products and services.

Improving Fundamental Quality

In order to fulfill promises to customers in areas such as through check-in success rate, each Star Alliance member airline must provide services that adhere to set standards. Therefore member airlines are reviewing their operations from the ground up, conducting customer surveys and implementing improvements of fundamental quality.

During the 2014 fiscal year, Star Alliance introduced a system that enabled registration of accumulated mileage between member airlines and established a framework that allowed member airlines to be aware of the status of all upper-tier mileage program members in order to provide appropriate services for them.

Greater Convenience at London's Heathrow Airport

Star Alliance CEOs publicizing for the new terminal at Heathrow Airport in London

Star Alliance's concept for its airport products is called “Move under one Roof”. In June 2014, this concept was also realized at the new Star Alliance terminal at London's Heathrow Airport. The new terminal offers passengers a seamless, more convenient travel experience while also allowing member airlines to reduce operating costs by sharing facilities such as check-in counters.