Towards building Greener Earth (Environmental Conservation)

ANA FLY ECO 2020 is the ANA Group's medium-to-long-term environmental plan, and one of its aims is to conduct sustainable forestation activities that will provide new value and contribute to both local communities and society as a whole. In order to realize this goal, the Group conducts forestation activities in Minami Sanriku and the area around Sendai Airport, which are both in Miyagi Prefecture. Furthermore, the ANA Group works together with local communities to conduct forestation activities called “Plant a Tree, Grow a Forest” around the Chitose and Hiroshima Airports.

ANA Hearty Forest Afforestation Activities in Minami Sanriku, Miyagi Prefecture

The ANA Group created ANA Hearty Forest, a 10-hectare forest planted in Minami Sanriku, Miyagi Prefecture, as a part of its ongoing ties with the town since the Great East Japan Earthquake. We have learned from the members of the forest owners' cooperative that there is a close relationship between forestry and having a vibrant ocean, and ANA employees have been volunteering to carry out forest preservation activities there every year since 2011. Uses wood thinned during afforestation activities to manufacture products for sale on ANA flights and novelty goods.By developing a cycle that consists of making products from the wood thinned through activities in Minami Sanriku and selling them, these activities will contribute to both the activation of local industry and employment promotion.

Support for the Ten-Year Coastal Forest Restoration Project in the Tohoku Region Conducted by OISCA International

The tsunami caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake devastated Tohoku's coastal forests. The functions of coastal forests include protecting against blowing sand and wind, thus serving the necessary role of helping to protect the region's living environment. With their loss, salt damage on the Tohoku coast is worsening day by day.
As one long-term restoration support activity, the ANA Group endorses the objectives, supports and participates in the planning of the activities of the Ten-Year Coastal Forest Restoration Project conducted by OISCA International, an international NGO.
Our people worked with other volunteers under the guidance of OISCA International personnel and local farmers.

Coral Regeneration Project: Team Tyura Sango

An extensive and beautiful coral reef community lies off the coast of Onnason, Okinawa. However, coral-eating crown-of-thorns starfish, red clay runoff and the chlorosis resulting from the rising temperature of seawater are causing the coral to decline dramatically.
In 2004, ANA Group led businesses in Okinawa and other prefectures in forming a collaborative project called Team Tyura Sango to revive and regenerate this beautiful coral reef community.
Volunteer divers participating in Team Tyura Sango emplace coral polyps cultured at facilities on land four times a year, in spring and fall. Volunteers who do not have a diving license engage in activities such as raising polyps, allowing a wide array of volunteers to participate in the program. To date, more than 2,000 volunteers have participated, and the project has confirmed that the emplaced polyps are reproducing.
More than 2,000 volunteers have participated in Team Tyura Sango since its inception in 2004. Each year, teams have continued to steadily carry out volunteer activities and have planted more than 6,000 coral polyps to date. Since 2012, it has been confirmed that the polyps planted each year by the project have been reproducing. In FY 2015, in the 3rd Good Life Awards sponsored by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment, the project was given first prize, the Environment Minister's Award, in recognition of its performance.

Steps to Coral Planting and Healthy Growth


Team Tyura Sango

Team Tyura Sango website (in Japanese)