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Eiga Gift

  • Using Miles

Eiga Gift

Redeem 10,000 miles for an Eiga Gift (movie gift) worth JPY 10,000.
This can be used to purchase MVTK vouchers for the movies of your choice on the MVTK website.

Required Mileage and Eligible Services

Redeem 10,000 miles for a coupon (e-gift card) that can be used to charge your account with JPY 10,000 in Eiga Gift for MVTK purchases.

Coupon Validity Period

Valid until the end of the 6th month following the month of issue.
(For example: Coupons issued on April 2 will expire on September 30.)

  • Coupons that have expired will no longer be valid.

How to Use

Process from Request to Usage

  1. Request a coupon (e-gift card) from the ANA website

  2. Go to My Menu on the ANA website and confirm the coupon code on the voucher (e-gift card) number retrieval screen

  3. Access My Eiga Gift on the MVTK website with the coupon code and charge your account (registration with MOVIE WALKER is required).

  4. Use this to purchase MVTK day vouchers for the movies of your choice on the MVTK website

  • Coupons may only be used by the ANA Mileage Club member who requested them.

  • Coupons converted to Eiga Gifts (e-gift cards) cannot be used again.

How to Redeem Coupons for Eiga Gifts

You can redeem vouchers via the My Eiga Gift page on the MVTK website.

How to Purchase MVTK Vouchers

Purchase via the MVTK website.


  • After a coupon (e-gift card) request has been submitted, it cannot be canceled and miles cannot be refunded.

  • Eiga Gifts contain a prepaid code which can be used to purchase MVTK vouchers on the MVTK website. They cannot be used in person at movie theaters.

  • Eiga Gifts can be used for both MVTK advance vouchers and MVTK viewing vouchers.

  • Eiga Gifts are valid for 6 months after redeeming the relevant coupon code.

  • If the payment amount exceeds the value of the Eiga Gift, the difference may be paid by credit card or another payment method

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