For non-members How to enjoy the ANA Mileage Club

For non-members How to enjoy the ANA Mileage Club


Earn miles. Use miles.
With a wide range of usage methods,
it's easy to take advantage of the ANA Mileage Club.
Exchange miles for flight tickets to your preferred destinations,
enjoy services that add a sense of luxury to your travels,
and shop to your heart's content.
The ANA Mileage Club enhances your travels and daily life alike.

Redeem miles for flight tickets to use in Japan and throughout the world.Redeem miles for flight tickets to use in Japan and throughout the world.

Your destinations are closer than ever with the ANA Mileage Club.

When you earn miles through the ANA Mileage Club,
you can redeem them for flight tickets to the destinations you wish to visit.
Our miles can also be used with all Star Alliance member airlines,
giving you access to the world's largest airline network and connecting you with the rest of the globe.

More information about flight ticket redemption

Use miles to travel throughout Japan.
You can redeem miles for domestic Japan flight tickets on all ANA Group domestic routes to travel across Japan, from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south. This service is perfect for casual trips with your family members or that special someone, reunions with distant friends, and of course business trips.
Mile also gives you the chance to visit distant regions you've always wanted to see!
More information about ANA Domestic Flight Awards
Use miles to travel around the world.
You can use ANA Group flights to travel anywhere in the world.
Earn miles over a short period for multiple trips to nearby countries, or take your time earning miles to visit faraway nations. You can go anywhere you please by utilizing your miles to connect you with the world.
More information about ANA International Flight Awards
Take off into the skies with any of our partner airlines around the world.
In addition to ANA Group flights, you can redeem miles for flight tickets on Star Alliance member airlines and ANA's original partner airlines throughout the world. Use our partner airlines to access a wider area for trips that meet your needs perfectly.
Fly around the world with the global Star Alliance network.
Countries served Over 191
Member airlines 28

Airports served Over 1,300/No. of flights operated per day 18,400

(As of June, 2017)

The ANA Mileage Club is your gateway to better mileage spending opportunities with Star Alliance member airlines.
  • ANA[NH]
  • Adria Airways [JP]
  • Aegean Airlines [A3]
  • Air Canada [AC]
  • Air China [CA]
  • Air India [AI]
  • Air New Zealand [NZ]
  • Asiana Airlines [OZ]
  • Austrian Airlines [OS]
  • Avianca [AV]
  • Avianca Brazil [06]
  • Brussels Airlines [SN]
  • Copa Airlines [CM]
  • Croatia Airlines [OU]
  • EgyptAir [MS]
  • Ethiopian Airlines [ET]
  • EVA Air [BR]
  • LOT Polish Airlines [LO]
  • Lufthansa [LH]
  • Scandinavian Airlines [SK]
  • Shenzhen Airlines [ZH]
  • Singapore Airlines [SQ]
  • South African Airways [SA]
  • Swiss International Air Lines [LX]
  • TAP Portugal [TP]
  • Thai Airways [TG]
  • Turkish Airlines [TK]
  • United Airlines [UA]
More information about Partner Flight Awards


Support for your travels, including tour products and hotel accommodation.Support for your travels, including tour products and hotel accommodation.

Think about how you will use your miles when you travel.

In addition to redeeming miles for flight tickets, you can also use them to enhance
your travels in a variety of other ways. For example, miles can be utilized to pay
for tour products offered by ANA, allowing you to select the most optimum tours to meet
your budget and schedule.
Exchange miles for coupons that can be used for parking,
hotel dining, and golf at your travel destination. Your mile is the key to more convenient,
pleasant travels.

Meticulous services for memorable experiences.Meticulous services for memorable experiences.

Enjoy air travel of a higher grade.

The ANA Mileage Club offers special services and benefits to its most frequent flyers.
Take advantage of relaxing airport lounges before your boarding time, reserve tickets
smoothly via the members-only desk, enjoy priority baggage handling, and utilize other
priority services at the airport as well.
ANA is proud of its refined services, which provide the most luxurious experiences possible.

More information about luxurious experiences

Sit back and relax before your flight
ANA Premium Members can use the various airport lounges before boarding ANA Group flights. Enjoy a luxurious pre-boarding experience with comfortable sofas and light snacks, as well as a wide range of wines and other beverages.
You an also use more than 500 lounges located across the world when boarding Star Alliance member airline flights.
Enjoy upgraded flights
ANA Premium Members receive gifts of ANA Upgrade Points each year when their membership is renewed. Enjoy air travel while experiencing comfortable seats as well as services and dining of one rank higher.
Allow us to make your flight ticket arrangements
You can use the exclusive desk when making ANA Group flight reservations for the smoothest travel possible. We offer priority reservation services for ANA Premium Members only, including top priority waitlisting, advance reservations for domestic Japan flights, and priority seat assignments.
Top priority is also given for flight awards redeemed with your miles.

More information about Premium Member Services


Your family can also enjoy using miles for hobbies, dining, and entertainment.Your family can also enjoy using miles for hobbies, dining, and entertainment.

Have fun selecting from a diverse range of services.

Miles can be utilized in many situations in your daily life.
For example, exchange miles for coupons that can be used for dining
at top-class hotels, coupons for theme parks that are popular with
children, moving discounts, and even discounts at hair salons.
Your family will also love our wide range of services, so please
choose ways to use your miles that are the most fun and useful for
you in your daily life.

Enjoy smooth, affordable travels with a wide range of services for members only.Enjoy smooth, affordable travels with a wide range of services for members only.

Services for smooth travels.

The ANA Mileage Club offers exclusive services for its members
that want to make reservations more easily, board more smoothly,
and obtain information for members only.
In addition to support for smoother travels, we also send out
special information that is just for members.

More information about Members-only benefits

Advance registration makes reservations easy.
ANA Mileage Club members can take advantage of speedy reservations since their personal information is input at the time of registration.
There's no need to worry even for last-minute flights; you can easily make reservations via the Members-only website, as well as with your mobile phone or smartphone.
More information about Advanced Seat Assignment
Online Check-in saves your time and makes your boarding smoother
You can check-in the ANA international flights and other airlines connecting flights through the internet 24 hours prior to departure with your PC or smartphone anywhere. Click to experience the ease-of-use online check-in service and enjoy a smooth and relaxing boarding!
More information about Online Check-in
A wide range of special information for members only.
Monthly e-statement to update your mileage and premium point balance. Exclusive presale for ANA Mileage Club members to purchase the special discounted air ticket. Stay tuned with us and check out more ANA convenient services in ANA SKY WEB.
More information about Mail Magazine


There are so many ways to enjoy the ANA Mileage Club!

Give gifts of Flight Awards to your family members
Flights Awards can be used by the member as well as his or her second-degree or closer relatives (spouse, children, and parents).
They make perfect rewards for yourself, as well as wonderful gifts to express gratitude to your parents.
Use miles to shop for a selection of the finest products from inside and outside Japan
ANA Shopping A-style is an online shop where you can enjoy using your miles for a wide range of products, from a diverse selection of the finest items to original ANA products. And at the ANA Mileage Mall, you can earn Shopping Points each time you make a purchase.
See recommended items
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Different types of Coupon Awards for affluent travel and lifestyles
Redeem miles for coupons that can be used for various services throughout the world. A wide range of coupons is available, including for lodging at ANA partner hotels such as The Peninsula Hotels and Marriott International.
Cards with point redemption to make your daily life more convenient
The ANA Mileage Club offers cards with electronic money functions.
By using your card for your regular electronic money purchases, you can earn miles during your daily life. You can also redeem miles for various types of points that can be used flexibly in a way that matches your lifestyle.
More information about Partner Awards
ANA SKY COINS allow you to make full use of your miles
ANA SKY COINS are a unique, convenient point service that can be used in unit of 10 yen. Use ANA SKY COINS to purchase domestic Japan and international flight tickets, as well as ANA Sky Holiday, ANA Hello Tour, ANA Dynamic Package, and other travel products.
More information about ANA SKY COIN
Enjoy earning and using miles as part of the ANA Mileage Club
The ANA Mileage Club is a convenient service that allows you to use the miles you have earned not only for travel, but during your everyday life as well.
There are so many ways to easily earn miles while traveling and as part of your daily life. We hope you will join!
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Earn and use miles through flights and in your everyday life with the ANA Mileage Club.

Enroll easily with your smartphone.

Download the ANA Mileage Club app with integrated digital membership card

  • With our digital membership card, you can use the SKiP Service for Japan domestic flights, automated check-in machines for Japan domestic and international ANA flights, and more besides.
  • You can use graphs to check the balance and expiration date of your miles, as well as the number of Premium Points you have earned.

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Use the member login on the ANA website or ANA Mileage Club app.

After enrollment, you will receive your 10-digit ANA Mileage Club membership number.
You can log in by using your ANA Mileage Club membership number and the web password registered upon enrollment.

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Log in using the Login button on the top right of the ANA homepage.

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