Information about Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) for Passengers on Domestic Routes

A Passenger Facility Charge has been introduced at the domestic passenger terminals listed below.This charge is payable together with the airfare when customers purchase a flight ticket for a flight departing or arriving at an applicable airport, and is paid by the operating airline to the airport management company.Each airport management company uses the fees it collects to maintain various facilities, including the departure and arrival lobbies used by passengers.
We ask for your understanding and cooperation in this regard.

Overview of Passenger Facility Charge

Updated January 18, 2022

1. Applicable airports
New Chitose Airport, Sendai International Airport, Narita International Airport, Tokyo International (Haneda) Airport, Chubu International (Nagoya) Airport and Osaka International (Itami) Airport, Kansai International Airport, Kitakyushu Airport, Fukuoka Airport, Okinawa (Naha) Airport

2. Applicable customers
Customers using domestic routes departing from/arriving at the applicable airports

3. Charges


(aged 12 or older)
(aged 3 or older but under 12)
Sapporo/New Chitose arrival/departure JPY 270 JPY 140
Sendai arrival/departure JPY 230 JPY 120
Tokyo/Narita arrival/departure JPY 450 JPY 220
Tokyo/Haneda arrival/departure JPY 370 (*1) JPY 180 (*1)
Nagoya (Chubu) arrival/departure JPY 440 JPY 220
Osaka/Itami arrival/departure JPY 340 (*1) JPY 170 (*1)
Osaka/Kansai arrival/departure JPY 440 JPY 220
Kitakyushu arrival/departure JPY 100 JPY 50
Fukuoka arrival/departure JPY 110 JPY 50
Okinawa (Naha) arrival/departure JPY 240 (*2) JPY 120 (*2)
  • *The charge includes consumption tax.
  • *A child charge is also applicable for infants under the age of three who occupy a seat (for whom a ticket has been purchased).
  • (*1) The following fees apply to tickets purchased before February 28, 2022.
    Tokyo/Haneda (aged 12 or older/aged 3 or older but under 12) : JPY290/JPY140
    Osaka/Itami (aged 12 or older/aged 3 or older but under 12) : JPY260/JPY130
  • (*2) Applicable for purchased tickets on and after March 1,2022 and for travel on and after March 27,2022.
    The following fees apply to tickets purchased before February 28, 2022 and for travel on and before March 26,2022.
    Okinawa/Naha (aged 12 or older/aged 3 or older but under 12) : JPY120/JPY60

4.Applicable Condition for the Surcharges

  • ●The applicable conditions for purchase, amendment, refund, etc. will depend on the conditions applicable to your flight ticket and fare.
  • ●If you do not use the applicable airport after purchasing your flight ticket, the charge will be refunded to you.

For further details about the Passenger Facility Charge, please see the relevant airport's website.