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Restrictions on the Use of Fire [International Flights]

Smoking and the use of fire is strictly prohibited in all seats including lavatories as these constitute a fire hazard.

  • If a codeshare flight or flight operated by another airline is included in the itinerary, the baggage rules of the other airline may apply.

  • When traveling on Japanese domestic sectors using a ticket for which the International Conditions of Carriage apply, the baggage rules for international flights will apply.

  • Please be advised that in the event that it is impossible to confirm whether or not an item can be transported by airplane before the departure time, the request for transport may be rejected.

Restrictions on the Use of Fire (Prohibition on Smoking)

Smoking and the use of open flames is strictly prohibited in all seats and lavatories on board due to the potential risk of fire and serious incidents requiring the aircraft to return to the departure location or make an emergency landing at the nearest airport if the smoke detector goes off.

Smoking Devices

  • Carry-on: Permitted (personal use only)

  • Check-in: Not permitted

Out of consideration for other passengers, the use of smokeless tobacco and similar products is also prohibited on board ANA Group-operated flights.

In addition,it is prohibited to recharge all smoking devices and backup batteries on board.


One lighter or one matchbox per person can be carried on board.

One lighter or one small box of safety matches per person can be carried on board .


Please note that there may be occasions where passengers will not be allowed to take these items on board due to country rules and regulations. Please see Restricted Baggage (Items Which Are Not Permitted to Be Checked In or Carried on Board) for details.

  • Lighters containing oil tanks, cigar lighters and pre-mixed burner lighters (turbo lighters, jet lighters, lighters producing a blue flame, etc.) are not permitted to be checked in or carried on board.

Please make sure not to leave your lighter in the cabin.

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